10 Things to remember when designing banner stands

10 Things to remember when designing banner stands

We’ve often discussed the importance of taking your time and planning out your design for all your marketing and promotional material such as leaflets, flyers, brochures and banners. Today we are going to take a look at banner stands as we look at 10 things you need to remember when beginning to design a banner stand.

10 Steps to designing the perfect banner stand

1. The use of colour:

Colour can often be a great way of making your banner stand, stand out from the crowd. Consider using colour to help your banner stand catch the eye but don’t go overboard. Too many colours can often leave your audience confused as there is too much going on for the eyes to focus on. It’s also important to consider the colours that work with different industries. For advice on choosing colours when designing your next banner stand, check out our guide to psychology of colour in print.

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2. Text and fonts:

Deciding on a colour that works with your audience is important, but making sure the content of your banner stand is readable is crucial. Be sure to use font’s that are easy to read both up close and from a distance. Keep text to a minimum and try to limit your text to a maximum of 2 font types. For more information on choosing fonts, check out our guide on 3 of the best and worst fonts for printing.

3. Images and graphics:

A picture says a thousand words, and when it comes to designing a banner stand, the use of graphics or images can really help to get your message across. If your promoting your product or services, use quality images to help sell. When using images, the important thing to remember is QUALITY! Ensure any images used are high quality, hi-res, and saved in CMYK format for print.

4. Your corporate brand identity:

As with all of your printed marketing needs, it’s important to remember your brand identity. This includes your corporate colours, fonts and any standard corporate print requirements. Remember the importance of your brand colours, message and logo when designing any print material, including banner stands.

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5. Remember your audience:

When designing a banner stand it’s important to consider your target audience. How do you want the banner stand to engage them. Remember the role of images and colours when it comes to attracting the interest of your audience. Attracting an older demographic vs a younger demographic vs a female audience will often require research into colours, fonts and even buzzwords that work well.

6. Where will your banner stand be used:

It’s also important to consider where your banner stand will be used when deciding on the design and layout of it. If you are going to be using your banner stand at a conference or trade show it is important to position all your key information at the top of your banner stand. This is due to the fact that tables or boxes could be placed in front of your stand. If you are planning to place your stand in your place of business with nothing obstructing the view of information on it, you can have almost anything on your stand – but do remember, less is more.

7. Any associated marketing material:

Whether you are designing a pop up banner stand or a pull up banner stand, you will likely be using other printed marketing material alongside it. It’s important that this printed material (be it leaflets, posters or brochures), fits with the design of your banner stand and vice versa.

8. The position of your logo:

Your logo is often one of the most recognisable aspects of your business and it’s important to position it towards the top of your stand so that it is easily seen and clearly visible. Also remember to have the most important message on your stand at eye level, so your desired audience will quickly and easily see it.

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9. Your contact details:

It’s important to ensure your contact details are included on the banner stand. Ensure these are visible, so if you are exhibiting at a conference and your banner stand is behind a table, be sure that your contact details are clearly visible. Try to position these near the top. If you are placing your banner stand instore with nothing in front of it, your contact details are perhaps best placed at the bottom. You don’t need to include all your contact details, just those that your customers will easily remember – often a website address or phone number can be enough. This will allow visitors to seek out more information.

10. Think left to right and top to bottom:

Finally, remember to think left to right and top to bottom when designing your banner stand. We are familiar with reading and consuming information both from a screen or from print (e.g. newspaper, billboard, brochure) from left to right and top to bottom. If you are adopting a minimalist approach to text, keeping things central will work, however, if you are using headlines and listing some key features / services, be sure to design your stand with this information flowing left to right.

Banner stands can really help your product or service stand out at your next exhibition but it is important to get your design right to ensure you stand out from the competition.

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