10 ways to make your printed flyer stand out

10 ways to make your printed flyer stand out

We recently looked at 6 things to avoid when designing a flyer and while creating that list it got us thinking. Flyers can be a great way of promoting your business and no matter how large or small you are; they can become an integral part of your marketing strategy. In business it is important that your customers understand exactly what it is that you are trying to offer them. One way of doing this is by using printed flyers. It’s important to make sure your flyer stands out and your customers can understand what you are offering them.

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To help you out we have looked at 10 ways to make your next flyer stand out.

1. Images / Graphics:

Images can have a huge impact on a flyer especially if you are promoting products on the flyer. High quality images and striking graphics that complement any images and also work with your brand can be a great way of making sure your flyer stands out. After all, you want people to lift your flyer and read it so using graphics or images in your flyer is a must. Remember that your images must be high quality.

2. Title / Headline:

A good headline is something that will be used to grab the attention of your customer. Take some time to think about the title of your flyer as it will be one of the first things a customer will see. Your title should be short and straight to the point. It should let the customer know what to expect within the flyer. This is where you really need to sell your offering.

3. Highlight main points and benefits:

The biggest point of any flyer is to try and promote and inform. Flyers can be used to promote a range of areas including new and existing products, sales, services or an upcoming event or festival. Use your flyer to promote the main benefits of what it is you are trying to sell. You need to provide reasons for a customer to choose you over something or someone else. Remember to keep it simple though and only highlight the most important points.

4. Easy to read fonts:

Don’t try to get too creative when it comes to your fonts. It is important that people can read your flyer so be sure to use fonts that are good for printing. Also limit the different sizes and styles of fonts you use. Choose no more than two fonts to use throughout your flyer with one of these being used for your main headline and the other being used for the remaining text on the flyer.

5. Keep the content simple – less is more:

We previously looked at why less is more when it comes to designing a banner stand and the same principle applies to designing a flyer. Don’t clutter your flyer with too much information. Let the images, texts and headlines speak for themselves and adopt a less is more approach.

6. Remember to proofread:

Spelling and grammar mistakes on a flyer are simply a no go. Be sure to proofread every inch of your flyer and get someone else to read over it before going to print. Make sure they can read it clearly and understand what you are offering. If you are promoting a sale or range of products, be sure that you have the correct price or dates included.

7. Offer your customers something:

As with the main benefits, use the flyer to offer your customer something. Include a voucher at the bottom or use a promotional code on it. This can also allow you to measure how effective the flyer was in generating new business.

8. Align content and text:

Using the right fonts and keeping your layout simple will have a big impact on how easy your flyer is to understand. Another thing to consider is how you align the content of your flyer. Most of us are used to reading from left to right and top to bottom so keep this in mind when laying out your flyer.

9. Quality finish:

Another thing to remember when deciding on a flyer is to think of the final print. A quality print finish can be just as important as everything else on your flyer. Using a glossy or laminated finish or choosing luxury paper for your flyer can help create a great first impression and showcase the quality of your product or service.

10. Consider the impact of folds:

Finally, why not consider using folds to help make your flyer stand out. A folded finish such as a half fold, tri fold or gate fold can help your flyer make an added impact. Read our recent article on using paper folds to give your flyer added impact for more detail.

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Be sure to keep these tips in mind when it comes to creating your next flyer. What is the first thing you try to get right when designing a flyer? Let us know by connecting with Digital Printing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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