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4 Paper folds to give your flyer added impact

Paper and card are two very versatile materials that can be folded and shaped into almost anything. Think back to your days as a child and the endless fun you had with folding paper. From paper aeroplanes to paper football and even paper animals. It’s hard to believe just how much fun could be got… Read more »

3 of the Best and Worst Fonts for Printing

When it comes to creating some printed marketing material, the type of font that we will use is often one of the last things on our mind. The actual design and content is usually the first thing we consider and then it’s a case of deciding on colours and images. Once all this is in… Read more »

Pop up and go – 7 benefits of pop up banner stands

Pop up banner - Digital Printing

Banner stands can be called many things including roll up banners, pull up stands and pop up banner stands, but they can have a huge impact on your marketing needs if used effectively. They are a great tool for giving customers a brief insight into a product or service that your business may offer.

5 of the best websites for free stock images

In our previous blog post we looked at the role of images in your flyer. Images can play a huge role in helping to sell a product or service and getting access to the best pictures is just part of making any promotional item stand out. An image is part of the story you will… Read more »

The role of images for your flyer

The old adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is certainly true when we think of design. The power of an image should never be underestimated as one image can often have a greater impact than a full page of text. If the image can evoke some form of connection with the end… Read more »

Why less is more when it comes to designing your banner stand

Banner stands can be a great way to make an impression with customers and prospective business associates. If done right with a professional finish, they can also create a great first impression, and in some cases leave a lasting impression. Banner stands can be particularly striking and impactful if properly branded for trade events and… Read more »

7 reasons to use a direct mail campaign

With the recent explosion of digital channels and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, it can sometimes be easy to forget about some older marketing techniques that still have a place in reaching your customer base. One area that a lot of companies ignore that offers great potential for any marketing campaign is direct… Read more »

10 of our favourite billboards from around the world

Billboard advertising has been steadily evolving over the past 5 – 10 years and we have seen some great examples of companies thinking outside the box to establish some great creative ideas that instantly grab your attention. From 6 sheets to 48 sheets and from enormous 96 sheets to enormous building wraps, billboards can be… Read more »

Using colour in your brochure – what to consider

In our previous post, we looked at five things to remember when designing a leaflet, and one thing that can help any leaflet stand out is colour. Colour is also important to consider when it comes to designing a more detailed brochure. This is mainly down to the increased use images and text and ensuring… Read more »

5 Things to Remember When Designing a Leaflet

Whether you are a business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) organisation (you may even be a mix of both), getting the right information to your customer base will continue to be a key challenge in your marketing objectives. Direct marketing can continue to play a big role in meeting these objectives and… Read more »