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Importance of a quality finish for your leaflet

Leaflets can be a great tool for promoting the offerings of your business to your customers. Whether it’s informing them about a new product or an upcoming event or letting them know a bit more about a service or some special offers you have, leaflets can prove to be a very cost-effective marketing tool.

3 important things to remember when designing a brochure

Brochures can be a very effective way to promote and communicate with your customers. They are also a great way to provide a professional message to customers by showcasing your range of products or services. Brochures are a great way of combining your offline and online marketing efforts by using the brochure to drive traffic… Read more »

A Guide to Paper Weights for Print Brochures

When it comes to deciding on your print brochures the type and weight of paper can often be one of the last things you decide on. Getting your design right and filling it with content and images is often the first thing you will sort out. Next up you may decide on the size of the… Read more »

The role of a logo in print

A logo should be something that is memorable and instantly recognisable. It needs to establish a connection with your customers and evoke some form of emotional feeling towards your brand. Your logo should always be something that works with all your promotional channels, from your website and business cards to presentation folders and branded vehicles…. Read more »

When to use QR codes in print

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of examples of Quick Response (QR) codes being used well and not so well in marketing. From billboards, magazines and newspapers to business cards and even cupcakes (I know!!), QR codes continue to provide a way for businesses to connect and engage with customers.

Why the Curvorama can help you really stand out

Display stands are a great way of standing out at exhibitions or creating an impact when a potential customer enters your store or office. They can be a very cost effective promotional tool if used correctly and something that you can get a lot out of. From simple pop up stands to roll up stands,… Read more »

A guide to business card sizes around the world

They may be small in comparison to other printed marketing solutions but make no mistake; the business card can be a very, very powerful tool. Business cards have been around since the 17th century when they were first used to announce the arrival of aristocratic people in the local towns or home.