Monthly Archives: November 2013

Why a pop up display stand can be your silent salesperson

For many companies, sales are the bread and butter of their business. Without sales you don’t have customers and without customers; well, you know where you are headed. The importance of acquiring and keeping customers has seen salespeople play key roles in many industries for decades if not centuries. A salesperson can often be the… Read more »

5 Reasons to invest in roll up banner stands

The face of your business revolves around print, in one way or another. Be that your business cards, your leaflets or your posters, print is crucial to the world of business today. Part of this printing neccessaity is placed in roll up stands (sometimes called pull up or banner stands). Whether you wish to place… Read more »

The psychology of colour when designing for print

Colour can play a huge role in the world of print and can often have an impact on how customers will react to your promotional material. Certain colours are synonymous with certain feelings and it is this emotional connection that you need to consider when using colour in print. The role of colour in posters,… Read more »

The importance of bleed when designing for print

When it comes to designing for print it can be extremely difficult to print exactly to the edge of your page. In order to do so you need to set your print area to a slightly larger area, allowing you to trim around the page to the right size. This larger area around your page… Read more »

5 ways to create original and great business cards

There is a great truth to the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whatever your business is, first impressions count and there is no first impression in business as important as your business card. Moving away from generic business cards, people (especially in the creative industries) are trying to… Read more »