Monthly Archives: February 2014

The role of colour when designing banner stands

Banner stands come in two main types – pop up banner stands or pull up banner stands. While both can really help your brand and business stand out, there are many differences in pop up and pull up banner stands including, the size, the cost, and the time taken to set it up. There is… Read more »

How to survive your first ever exhibition or trade show

Exhibitions can be an exciting time, and this is especially true if you are attending your first ever exhibition. It’s a sign that you have progressed into bigger and better things; it’s a sign that you have met your industry standards and are fit for exhibiting all you have to offer to your market. Whilst… Read more »

How to build the perfect brochure

Just like baking a cake, building the perfect brochure takes time, persistence and of course, the perfect recipe. On today’s blog post, we are going to discuss the key ingredients to building a successful brochure, but as with every cookbook – it’s never just about the recipe! You need to have the skills, perception and… Read more »

3 reasons leaflets and flyers can work for everyone

Leaflets and flyers have been common place in the business world for decades now and despite the introduction of newer promotional tools, the humble leaflet shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Leaflets and flyers have a place on almost every marketing plan, whether you are a small sole trader or a large multinational… Read more »

The role of banner stands in helping brands stand out

There are a number of challenges that present themselves to businesses on a regular basis. These can include finding new customers, creating the perfect working environment or promoting what you offer. One thing that plays a role in all of these areas, and indeed almost everything and organisation will try to do, is the brand…. Read more »

The joy of personalised print for lifestyle and business

We all love personalised print, adults and kids alike! This phenomenon has been around for quite some time but last year’s coca cola campaign to personalise every bottle and share a coke created a new found love and appreciation of having our names on something. But that’s not the only way to personalise print. In… Read more »