Monthly Archives: March 2014

7 Reasons leaflets have a place in the beauty industry

For many years now the beauty industry has used leaflets successfully both inside the business and outside. Today on the Digital Printing blog we take a look at reasons why leaflets are so prominent in this particular industry and how they continue to be relevant today.

5 Ways to create outdoor poster ads that work

Being original in the advertising world is practically impossible these days. To really stand out and make people take notice, you have to do something that – above all is – evokes thought. This sounds like a relatively simple concept but with the thousands of things floating around in your audience’s head at any given… Read more »

3 ways perfect bound books can give you a professional edge

We talked a lot recently in the blog about how you can get creative and make your printed marketing material stand out. Whether it’s through business cards, leaflets and flyers, brochures, large posters and billboards or banner stands, making an impact and being memorable is something that needs to be part of the design process… Read more »

5 Things to remember when designing an A4 poster

If you’ve decided to print an A4 poster, you’ll have realised all the benefits by now. They are conveniently sized, can be very attractive and are a cheaper alternative to spending lots on huge posters. You’ll save money, use less paper and be able to get creative and that’s all the good news. The bad… Read more »