Monthly Archives: April 2014

6 Reasons the food industry loves folded leaflets

The world of restaurants and food outlets- be it chip vans or a Michelin star restaurant, all have one thing in common; folded menu leaflets. Folded leaflets are the most common way of displaying food options for lots of reasons. Today on the Digital Printing blog; we take a look at why the catering world… Read more »

10 Tips to designing great printed brochures

Recently, we looked at 4 reasons to use printed brochures to help promote your brand and your latest offering. Brochures are a popular marketing tool across many industries, regardless of whether your focus is business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C). One thing all brochures must do is provide the right information to… Read more »

7 Things to remember when planning a banner stand

As with the printing of all marketing material, printing a banner stand requires careful thought and construction alongside a clear and creative vision. In order to design a banner stand that speaks to your audience, represents your business and has the desired effect – you will need to think carefully about certain aspects.