Monthly Archives: May 2014

10 Things to remember when designing banner stands

We’ve often discussed the importance of taking your time and planning out your design for all your marketing and promotional material such as leaflets, flyers, brochures and banners. Today we are going to take a look at banner stands as we look at 10 things you need to remember when beginning to design a banner… Read more »

Printed flyers- Cost effective, valuable and to the point

Printed flyers have long been an important and well utilised tool in the business world. Flyers make good business sense for various business industries for various reasons. In today’s blog post, we take a look at the top 5 reasons to make the most of printed flyers and give you some top tips for consideration.

Text and banner stands – why less is more!

Designing your banner stand is never easy; you need to consider images, colour, shape, size and perhaps most importantly; text. The text of your banner stand speaks to your audience directly and works to deliver your message instantly. Some businesses have a lot to say, and that’s great, but saying it on your banner is… Read more »

5 Tips to using printed brochures as a sales tool

Printed brochures can be an extremely popular marketing tool, and one that can prove very versatile indeed. Brochures can come in many shapes and sizes, and your product / service offerings will often impact on this. When it comes to designing brochures, you want to design something that your customers will actually want to read;… Read more »

The role of images in printed leaflets

One of the most popular forms of printed marketing solutions is the printed leaflet. Available in many different shapes, sizes and indeed page quantities, leaflets are a great way to promote your business and your products to your customer base. They are also an effective way of providing customers with something tangible; something that they… Read more »

The strut card – 5 reasons to use this with your brand

Placing advertising and marketing material at your point of sale has long been a trick of the trade in lots of businesses, especially those in retail and the food industry. Strut cards are the choice of such material for many businesses for many reasons, but in the age of digital technology, hash tags and bright… Read more »