Monthly Archives: July 2014

Creating the perfect impression at an exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are often a great way to meet new customers and create new business opportunities. They also happen to be extremely competitive and it can be challenging for many businesses to stand out from the competition at such trade events. So the big question is, how do you stand out and make… Read more »

Creative Leaflets – Things to Remember

Being creative doesn’t come easy to everyone. In fact, few people really get it right when it comes to leaflets. The danger is either becoming too creative and creating a leaflet that becomes messy and difficult to understand, or going the other way which would involve being boring and dull.

3 Ways printed brochures can help you win business

Brochures have long been a common marketing tool in both B2B and B2C organisations, but they are much more than a way of providing customers with information. Brochures can be a great way of helping you generate leads and sales for your business. Below we take a look at 3 ways that printed brochures can… Read more »

5 Design tips for creating great leaflets

Creating, designing and printing leaflets is no easy task. Always done it one way? Not keen on a change? This is one of the most dangerous attitudes to have in the world of business; complacency is treacherous. It doesn’t matter what size your business is or your service type or even your product; leaflets are… Read more »