Monthly Archives: January 2019

Avoid these classic common print mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Even the most conscientious and focussed among us can suffer a tiny lapse of concentration that leads to an error and if you’re in business those small mistakes can cost big money. Imagine taking delivery of your new brochures only to discover a spelling mistake or pricing error. It’s so easy to… Read more »

Spice up your business cards this year

“New year, new me!” might be said with the best intentions but it doesn’t always last long into the year. However, a new year is an ideal time to look at your marketing and a great way to make a lasting impression is to create stunning new business cards.

Get the perfect printed menus for 2019

Whether or not you make (and keep) resolutions in January, there’s no doubt that a new year brings new opportunities for your business. It’s a perfect time to take a fresh look at your marketing and if you’re in the catering or hospitality sector it’s a great time to update, refresh or redesign your menus.