3 key steps to taking the boredom out of Billboard campaigns

3 key steps to taking the boredom out of Billboard campaigns

Billboard campaigns are very much alive and well in the world of marketing and print. Sometimes companies get it so right by experimenting with new and original concepts but more often than not the general public and potential customer are faced with the same old boring billboard campaign. These billboards are traditional and don’t appeal to the reader to acknowledge or consider the advertisement, but there are ways around this. You don’t have to be the most creative or inventive business to step away from this type of work but you do need a fresh approach and below, we consider some ways to approach this.

3 ways to provide better billboard campaigns

1. Ignore the “but we’ve always done it this way” type advice

If you’ve ran a billboard campaign before then you’ll be tempted to stick to what you know because you’ve always done things a certain way. Getting complacent with design and print is never recommended, you need to ensure you approach the creative process with fresh ideas to promote creativity and ultimately to create a great billboard.

2. Brand guidelines and billboards

Attiring to your brand guidelines is a must when it comes to billboard campaigns and if your brand is strictly corporate and there isn’t a lot of room for creative impact then it’s time to find new and original ways to approach this issue. Think about the shape and size of your billboard as well as considering new methods of print such as 3D print or using electrical capabilities in your billboard. The Economist is a notoriously stringent brand, yet their recent billboard campaign was a huge success due to their creative initiative.

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3. Be clever

Everyone loves a good play on words or a clever use of props so don’t be afraid to assert your creative cleverness. Long gone are the days when billboards were confined to the actual billboard! A clever use of space will serve you well in the world of outdoor advertising so don’t be afraid to think outside the box (literally).

If you’re thinking about starting a brand new billboard campaign, you’ll need to consider the quality of your print too.

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Don’t forget quality control

Quality print speaks much louder than any text or image based message can deliver; ensure you use high quality images at all times. Your printer should be able to guarantee quality control – otherwise they are not really a viable option. In addition, your print provider should be able to explain the various print options and finishes available to you to enable you to make the best quality decision for your print.

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