3 Print predictions for 2014

3 Print predictions for 2014

Between Google glass, self driving cars, tiny tablets and phones that can control our televisions – we don’t think anyone could have guessed just how far technology would have come. Even 10 years ago, all these things would have seemed utterly ridiculous, but we have invented, and reinvented some truly fascinating pieces of technology and 2014 is showing no signs of slowing down. This is true of the print world too! Print is coming to life and it’s never seemed more important to businesses. Here are our 3 predictions for the world of print the year ahead.

3 predictions we could see in 2014:

1) 3D Printing will take the world by storm

Everyone’s talking about 3D printing and how big it’s going to be when it goes mainstream, with talk of 2014 being the very year it will do so. It’s an exciting time in the print world because it’s not just about the select few who get to experience this phenomenon. 3D printing will begin to empower a whole new generation of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and businesses.

If you’re not sure about what 3D printing will actually do, it will make it possible to take 3D design from your PC and print it out as a solid and touchable object! And, whilst that’s an amazing concept, there’s also been some recent developments (just last week – 8th January) in 3D Printing that we are predicting will become very popular in 2014, with 3D food printing being one. Yes, you can now print eatable food and the BBC recently reported that food-creating 3D printers which can create chocolate or sugar confectionery have been unveiled in Las Vegas.

DP BLOG 1(Image source: Daily Mail)

2) Interactive Print & Augmented Reality

QR codes were definitely the norm in 2013 for many businesses. Print took a leap forward for many businesses as they realised they needed to nurture this department as much as they did their digital department. But now, we predict that an amalgamation is on the cards and soon we will see digital meet print in the most visual and interactive way we’ve known so far, Augmented Reality. You may have heard about it but Augmented Reality (AR) in print is the development of cutting edge technology that allows a Smartphone or tablet to scan and print. The AR will add layers of digital information – including videos, sounds and photos – directly on top of the print. Print is coming to life in the form of augmented reality. Sound like something you want to see?

3) Print will be green for all

We all know how important it is to look after the environment, and here at Digital Printing we are proud of the work we do to create sustainable print. We predict that 2014 will see a growing trend and appreciation for recycled paper and the importance of responsible printing. More and more people will begin to see the quality in recycled paper and businesses will start to see going green as not an option, but a simple must.

dp image 2(Image source: Scanbalt)

What are your print predictions for 2014? We’d love to hear all about them! Comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news here at Digital Printing and developments in the printing world.

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