3 reasons leaflets and flyers can work for everyone

3 reasons leaflets and flyers can work for everyone

Leaflets and flyers have been common place in the business world for decades now and despite the introduction of newer promotional tools, the humble leaflet shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Leaflets and flyers have a place on almost every marketing plan, whether you are a small sole trader or a large multinational organisation. Their ability to get a message right in front of your customer is just one of the things that makes them so appealing, especially for SME’s. Despite this, a lot of organisations can be put off by leaflets and flyers because they can sometimes appear ‘cheap’. This isn’t the case, and the key to using leaflets and flyers is to ensure you use them in the right way. Don’t simply print thousands of flyers and proceed to put them through every letterbox in your local area. Look at the bigger picture and use them to add value to a product or help convert a possible sale; after all, this is what they are there to do – provide information or a message to your customers.


With this in mind, we take a look at 3 reasons why leaflets and flyers can be used in any business, regardless of how big or small you are.

1. Cost effective:

One of the big advantages of using printed leaflets and flyers in your business is the cost. No matter what size of business you are involved in, we all have budgets to work with and leaflets are a cost effective marketing tool to get your message out there. The cost per leaflet also gets lower as you start to print more leaflets, although this is not always the best approach to adopt. Paper weight, the quality of the finish and the size of the leaflet you opt for can all impact on the final cost of your print run. If you have a set budget for your print run however, you can make small changes to the weight or finish of your paper to ensure the final quality isn’t compromised as a result of cost.

2. Available in many sizes:

Another reason to consider using leaflets and flyers is that they are available in many sizes. This means that whether you need a small A6 flyer to hand out to customers, or a larger A3 flyer to distribute at a trade show, leaflets and flyers of all sizes can work for your business. Unlike posters and brochures that are limited to a number of sizes, leaflets and flyers can be printed in all shapes and sizes to fit any promotional campaign you may have. You can also get creative with your design and include folds when printing your leaflets, to provide an added impact to it. Check out our range of folded leaflets here.

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3. Print when you need them:

Finally, with the continued developments in the printing world, and the speed at which artwork can go from your computer screen to your desk thank to digital printing platforms; businesses are now in a position to print what they want, when they need it. This reduces the amount of wastage you have as you no longer need to order extra prints just to try and make a long term saving. Digital printing now allows organisations of all sizes to print as many leaflets and flyers as they need, so if you need to print 20 for a targeted campaign, you can do this. Likewise, if you want to print 5,000 for a direct mail campaign, and follow this up with another 5,000 in a few months, you can do this, meaning you only pay for the leaflets when you need them – something we all like to hear.

Do you use leaflets and flyers to promote your business to your customers? If so, be sure to read our previous article on 6 things to avoid when designing your next flyer.

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