3 ways perfect bound books can give you a professional edge

3 ways perfect bound books can give you a professional edge

We talked a lot recently in the blog about how you can get creative and make your printed marketing material stand out. Whether it’s through business cards, leaflets and flyers, brochures, large posters and billboards or banner stands, making an impact and being memorable is something that needs to be part of the design process for most organisations. This is particularly prevalent in the business to consumer landscape where creative minds often come together to try and make one brand stand out over another. But what about the business to business landscape? Is getting creative and using colour, typography and graphics always the best way to get your message across?

Sometimes just adopting a clear and concise approach that focuses on professionalism is what is required in the business to business environment. No need for fancy designs or crisp, sharp images – your customers want to see your offering in black and white, and understand just what it is you can offer them. With this concept of professionalism in mind, we are going to look at how perfect bound books can give you a professional edge in the business to business environment when it comes to brochure printing.

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3 ways perfect bound books will help provide a quality, professional finish

1. Smooth and stylish finish:

Perfect bound books are a popular choice for many businesses looking a professional look to documents with many pages, especially those with more than 40 pages. Saddle stitched or stapled documents can be a good choice with smaller documents but on larger documents, they won’t be able to cope with the general wear and tear that the document may face. Perfect bound books use an adhesive along the spine that secures all the pages in place, providing a smooth and stylish finish to your document.

2. Choice of paper for your documents cover:

Perfect bound documents allow you to enjoy a wide range of paper weights and finishes for both your cover and inner pages. It is the cover pages that can really allow you to showcase the quality of your brochure, so capture the senses of touch and sight by opting for a quality finish to your perfect bound book. Opt for a matt or gloss laminated finish for your cover pages and complete your document with that little something extra; a touch that your business clients will no doubt appreciate. You can also choose to finish your inner pages in a silk or gloss finish to leave your customers in no doubt that great care has been put into the creation and printing of your document.

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3. Sizes to suit your message:

Like most industries, it’s important to be flexible in a B2B environment, and be able to adapt to changing consumer needs. This is particularly the case when it comes to print, as brands and organisations must be able to adapt and work with different scales, sizes and dimensions when it comes to their print requirements. Perfect bound brochures allow you to maintain a quality and professional look whether you are looking to create a large A4 document or something a little smaller like an A5 or 1/3 A4 document. It can be particularly hard to get a quality binding solution for larger quantities of smaller sized paper. This is not however the case with perfect bound documents.

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