4 Industries that can benefit from printed brochures

4 Industries that can benefit from printed brochures

Printed brochures can provide companies with the perfect platform to showcase their product and services to customers. A brochure allows you to include all the necessary information along with any details on prices or special offers. The biggest advantage to using printed brochures is that it provides a canvas of which you can showcase your offerings. Use high quality images to really highlight what it is you are offering your customer.

Choosing the right colours and fonts when designing your brochure are also something important to consider and can really help you design a brochure that is great quality and will stand out to your customers.

Printed brochures can come in many different styles and finishes to suit a vast range of industries. Here at Digital Printing we offer 4 types of printed brochure solutions that work for all sorts of organisations. These brochure prints include:

Saddle Stitched

Perfect Bound Books

Wiro Bound Documents

Folded Leaflets

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These brochure prints cover all sorts of industries from professional bodies with large documents to your local retail shop who needs to print their latest offers for a direct mail campaign. The creative license that a brochure gives to designers and brands really allows you to use them effectively to promote your products and services to your customers.

Below we look at four industries that can really benefit from using printed brochures as part of their marketing strategy.

1. Fashion Industry:

Brochures provide a great way to showcase the quality of a product through the use of high quality images. The quality print that you can get from a brochure is perfect for the fashion industry and allows you to showcase a dress or t-shirt or pair of designer shoes in a way that a computer screen or newspaper ad simply cannot. Fashion designers, clothes retailers, sports outlets, shoe shops and boutique shops can all benefit from the quality print you get from a brochure. Adding a glossy or laminate finish to your pages can really enhance the quality and ensure your customers will take notice of your message.

2. Automotive:

The automotive industry is another that can really benefit from printed brochures as they can provide a great way of explaining vehicle specs and highlighting key features. Car dealers, showrooms and mechanics can all really enhance their offering by using brochures to attract customers. They can also provide a great way to promote any special offers that you have when customers are in your garage or showroom.

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3. DIY & Home Improvement:

The DIY and home improvement industry is huge and at the centre of this industry are large and local hardware stores and building suppliers. This industry is essentially split into two 6 month seasons covering Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter allowing you to target customers with different seasonal offers. This is where brochures can become really useful and can have long-term value by providing you with an ongoing template to work with. Printed brochures provide local hardware shops with a channel to compete with the big players in the industry by letting the local population know of upcoming offers. The quality of product images that can be used can really enhance brochures for the hardware industry. A brochure will also give you adequate space to list any key product measurements or specifications.

4. Hospitality:

The final industry on our list that can benefit from printed brochures is the hospitality industry. This covers many business types including hotels, pubs & clubs, restaurants and even local coffee shops. Brochures again provide a great platform for these businesses to promote any special offers or events that they have coming up and can also act as great point of sale merchandise to use within your venue. Pubs, clubs and hotels can get real benefits from using brochures to help promote upcoming events throughout the year, especially those key dates in the hospitality calendar – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

While brochures don’t need to be incredibly fancy, they should at the very least look quality and professional. The first impression they give to your customer is going to be a big factor on whether or not they decide to take further action in the decision making process. Taking the time to understand what you want to achieve from your brochure will also ensure you get the right message across. Be sure to include only the key information and let your images shine.

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For more information on getting your brochure design right visit our designing for digital print page or view our range of templates for more design inspiration.

If you want to find out more information on how printed brochures can help your business, contact our expert team today.

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