Why use printed brochures – here are 4 reasons

Why use printed brochures – here are 4 reasons

When it comes to providing your customers with some detailed information about what you do or what your product does, there are often two methods that spring to mind in terms of popularity.

1. Printed leaflets

2. Printed brochures

Both of these techniques provide you with a platform to provide your customers with the information they will need when going through the decision making process. As a business, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from you, whether this is through how your website is designed, where you place adverts or what information you choose to share with them in leaflets and brochures.

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For many businesses, planning your marketing activities for the year and allocating that all important budget is one of the most important series of meetings you will have. After all, how you market your business will ultimately impact on how many people will be aware of you. Platforms like TV, radio, press, online and social media will be on marketing plans throughout the country this year as businesses up and down the UK battle for a slice of the consumer pie. One medium not to forget when planning your marketing activity for the year is your printed marketing materials and particularly printed brochures. Brochures can be a worthwhile investment for businesses of all sizes whether you are a small sole trader or a large multinational. Getting your name and your offering in front of customers is what it is all about, and a brochure can help you do this.

4 reasons to consider using printed brochures in 2014:

1. Quick turnaround:

Decades ago, the process of creating a brochure would have been a long and tedious one. Thankfully, technology has moved on and with the advances in printers (like the HP Indigo’s we use here at Digital Printing), next day turnaround of your print is no longer something you can dream about. That’s right; your brochures can now be printed and delivered in double quick time. So whether you are ordering 200 or 20,000, most quality print merchants can offer you next day prints. This is something we pride ourselves on here at Digital Printing. Find out more on how we do this by reading about our process here.

2. Cost effective:

If a quick turnaround wasn’t enough to get you excited, then the cost of printing a brochure run will. Again, a lot of this is thanks to advances in the printers being used, but while your latest TV, radio or newspaper ad continues to increase, the cost of printing brochures is actually getting cheaper than in the past. Gone are the days of minimum quantities and needing to order 1,000 brochures to get your print run done. If you want 1 brochure printed, you can get 1 printed. You do benefit with savings though as you get more copies printed, so start to plan how you’ll spend the money you’re going to save from printing brochures.

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3. Use over and over again:

If you do opt to print additional brochures the good news is that you can use them again and again, especially if they are generic and not sensitive to dates or prices. This will mean you will always have some tangent in the office for when potential customers visit or when an opportunity to visit a trade show or conference arises. Once you invest in an initial template layout for a brochure, you can use this over and over again to design future brochure designs, helping to keep your costs down even further. Check out our previous post on 3 things to remember when designing a brochure for more information on getting the most from your next brochure.

4. Silent salesperson:

Finally, a brochure can act as a silent salesperson, especially instore or at a trade show. Brochures contain lots of space for you to provide customers with information that can help their decision making. So unlike a newspaper ad, billboard, TV or radio ad where you may be limited in what you can share, a brochure provides you with the space to really express yourself and promote your business. We recommend having brochures on display in your shop or office, so customers and clients can lift them to take home and read at their leisure. This is where a brochure can really take on the role of a silent salesperson.

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Are printed brochures a part of your marketing plan for 2014? If the answer is yes then be sure to check out our 7 step guide to getting your brochure ready for print and browse through our templates to get started.

For more information on the benefits of printed brochures for your business get in touch with our expert team today or chat with us live using our online support function at the bottom right of your screen.

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