4 ways to be green: A guide to green printing

4 ways to be green: A guide to green printing

These days, it’s important for everyone to be kinder to the environment. In years gone by, eco friendly practices weren’t for everyone – but with the developments in research and the financial rewards available from best eco practices, it’s vital for many. At Digital Printing – we’re obsessed with being as green as we possibly can, always adhering to and developing our environmental policy and of course – offering our customers the chance to be as green as they can too.

In today’s blog post, we take a look at 4 ways you can be greener and improve your business environmental policy.


4 ways to be greener in business

1. Use recycled paper

Some businesses have a very outdated mentality in believing that recycled paper cannot be suitable for business purposes. This is simply not true. These days, technology advances have ensured that recycled paper offers pretty much the same quality as many non recycled products. You can print on recycled materials and still have great quality for all business purposes.

2. Everyday printing

When it comes to everyday printing in business, you need to consider the weight of your paper. Using lighter weight paper (80gsm-100gsm) when printing on a daily basis will mean you are being green and you are getting more value for money. It’s an easy switch that will have little or no effect on your day to day business printing, yet – will make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

3. Consider Ink

Lots of people forget about the ink cartridge when considering green printing – it’s easy to focus on the paper element as it is the most obvious. But did you know that greener printing via your ink is very possible? Opting for a vegetable or soy based ink for your printer means that the VOC emissions will be much lower.

 4. Gaining a green printing partner

When it comes to printing outside of the workplace, you need to find the right printer with the right environmental policy to ensure you are looking after your carbon footprint. Printing marketing material (like leaflets) on a daily basis is no easy task – before you decide on a reputable printing partner, find out more about their efforts on green printing.

At Digital Printing we endeavour to only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper, which comes from environmentally and responsibly managed forests.  For every tree we use, another is planted. The standards we set ourselves mean zero tolerance of pollution, monitoring our impact on the environment 24/7 and only choosing suppliers who share our standards so we can deliver the best possible green service to you.


Making small changes can have a huge effect on your green efforts. The above four points are not difficult to introduce and can help you and your business – both for carbon footprint, reputation and finances. Small steps will make big changes to your business and to the earth – so make change now.

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