4 Ways retail outlets get the most from banners and posters

4 Ways retail outlets get the most from banners and posters

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing how you can get the most from banners and banner stands in the Digital Printing blog, looking at everything from the design process to what you should and shouldn’t do when trying to get your message across. One industry that is perhaps the most prominent users of banners and outdoor posters is the retail industry, as they try to promote special offers, events and products to the mass audiences of potential customers. The approach that retail outlets adopt when using banners in their marketing and promotional strategies is something to be admired and also something that many other industries can learn from. This week in the Digital Printing blog, we take a look at how the retail industry maximises the impact of posters and banners to help promote their offering.

4 things we can all learn from the retail industry when it comes to using banners

1. Shout about your offerings

If there is one thing the retail industry is good at doing, it’s letting us all know what they are offering. Whether it’s a new product, a sale or a special offer, the retail industry is simply the best when it comes to generating awareness. Retail shops are great at using banners and posters both inside and outside their shop to really generate interest of what is happening. By catching the eye with an offer or campaign, these retail outlets can start to generate some real interest.

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2. Show off your product

The retail sector is full of many industries with high street shops from fashion and beauty outlets to food and drink companies. Companies within these industries really utilise the space on banners and outdoor posters to promote their products, appealing to our visual sense and often making an emotional connection with consumers.

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3. Let customers know where you are

Whether you reside online or have a shop on a street corner, posters and banners are a great way of letting your customers know where you are located. Let’s face it, there’s no point using large billboards, banners, outdoor posters or banner stands to shout about your offering and your brand if no one knows where to find it. Remember to include your website, address or directions to your business when you are designing a banner.

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(Image source: Ads of the World)

4. Build some excitement

Above all else, posters and banners in particular are really good at generating a real buzz and sense of excitement for brands and retail outlets. Use these platforms to let your customers know what you are doing and create some hype and interest around a special event or your new product launch.

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Whatever your offering and whatever industry you are in, take a leaf out of the retail approach to outdoor advertising and utilise posters and banners to promote your message. Once you get the customers through the door, use banner stands to further highlight your offering.

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