5 effective ways to use banner stands

5 effective ways to use banner stands

We recently discussed why banner stands can make such an impact in your shop. However, banner stands are not just for a shop, they an excellent way to great a visual impact inside and outside your business. Banner stands are also commonly used at trade fairs and conferences and are seen by many as an absolute necessity.

There are three things that play a major role in the use of effective banner stands:

1. Colour

2. Imagery

3. Size. 

As with all marketing materials, you will also need to be original in order to stand out. Today in the Digital Printing blog we take a look at examples of effective banner stands that really catch the eye and more importantly, what makes them so effective.


3 Piece banner - effective banners - digital printing(Image source: American Image)

Advertising food is always going to be a tricky thing. As discussed in our recent blog post tips for designing a Christmas food leaflet, food appeals to both our rational and emotional self. We need food to survive but we also have a very emotional attachment to food and this banner manages to appeal to both successfully. The imagery is realistic which appeals to our rational self and it is also visually pleasing, appealing to our emotional self. The three part banner works exceptionally well here as it gives the imagery plenty of room to spread out and make a big impact. The text is clear, precise and readable which are all important factors.


Graphical banner - digital printing(Image source: Ballard Outdoor)

Appealing to your audience should be the central idea behind all banner stands. Above we can see an excellent example of a banner that will undoubtedly appeal to its audience. The visuals and the colours used in this banner are all child friendly and the information given is little (so as not to put the child off) but informative (to appeal to the adult/parent). The blue backdrop makes the text readable and the colours are soft, gentle on the eye and will appeal to both boys and girls.


Roll Up Banner Stand - Digital Printing

The effective use of white space in the banners above helps create a clean feel that gives the banners a professional look and feel. However, many companies are afraid to use white space in banner stands and other marketing material for fear of appearing boring. This shouldn’t be the case as white space offers the customer readability and white will always carry a sense of professionalism.  White space also creates an illusion of larger space and can often help make your banner stand appear bigger than it actually is. Read our recent post on the importance of white space.


Banner stand with colour - digital printing

Double sided banner stands are an excellent marketing tool because they allow you the privilege of space. It’s a great idea to use two sided banners to ask a question or make a bold statement on one side, and use the other side for an explanation or information. Using a bold statement on a question on your banner will evoke thought and curiosity and a two sided banner will allow you the space to address this curiosity.


Banner stand QR code - digital printing(Image source: Trade Show Displays)

Effective banners will include a call to action and these days this is done with technology. A great way to advertise your business effectively on a banner is to include a QR code. According to business insider, one in every 5 people own a smartphone and one in every 17 own a tablet, so there has never been a better time to consider adding a QR code to your banner. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then you can simply add some social media icons to let your customer know you are available through these various social media channels.

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