5 Reasons to invest in roll up banner stands

5 Reasons to invest in roll up banner stands

The face of your business revolves around print, in one way or another. Be that your business cards, your leaflets or your posters, print is crucial to the world of business today. Part of this printing neccessaity is placed in roll up stands (sometimes called pull up or banner stands). Whether you wish to place your stand in your place of business for a professional visual greeting to your visitors, or you wish to take the stand with you on your business trips to an event or trade fair, a roll up stand will help paint a professional and informative image of your business.

Below we are going to look at the top 5 reasons to invest in a roll up stand.

1) Standing out:

Alongside your literature stand at a trade fair or exhibition, your roll up stand is a vital tool to help you stand out. People will remember you if you have visuals that aid your stand. There is simply no better visual aid than a roll up stand and going without one will make you and your stand fade into the background.

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2) An investment:

Investing in a top quality roll up stand will be a long term investment. Roll up stands come in varying standards of quality but here at Digital Printing we feel quality is paramount to your stand. We see it as a long term investment and our stands boast a premium feel. Investing in a roll up stand that is more expensive will generally mean better quality. You will be investing in a skin that will last and a frame that will stand the test of time. Investing in a cheap, flimsy roll up stand will not be a long term investment.

Even if you intend to use your stand for a short term event, you can still invest in a high quality banner at a lower price, putting your needs and your image first. Our range of quality roll up banner stands start from only £35.

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3) Double value:

Roll up stands also offer you the chance to double up on your brand’s message, as you can print on both sides. This means that your brand image and business message will definitely be seen, regardless of which side of the room your clientele are on. You can opt to have the same graphics on both sides or alternatively print different images. This will also save you from investing in two stands, reducing your spend and saving your space.

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4) Convenient:

Typically roll up banners will come with a bag which the banner stand neatly folds into. This means that your stand is easy to transport and convenient for moving around. These are great pros if the nature of your business requires you to attend trade fairs or exhibitions, as this usually involves lots of moving around.

5) Easy to maintain:

Roll up stands are usually very easy to maintain. Cleaning the print is generally done with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust and doesn’t require any special cleaning products. Roll up stands are durable, strong and reasonably easy to maintain.

To get a quote or find out more information about the different sizes, shapes and prices of roll up stands, visit our roll up banner stand page.  Don’t forget you can no connect with Digital Printing by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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