5 reasons to use leaflets in 2014

5 reasons to use leaflets in 2014

We recently looked at 6 ways SME’s can benefit from using printed leaflets, but it’s not just small and medium sized organisations that can benefit from using leaflets in their marketing approach. Leaflets can offer great benefits to all organisations, no matter how big or small you may be. They are a great way of increasing awareness of who you are and what you offer, but more than that, they provide a way of reaching out to customers – new customers in particular. Below we take a look at 5 reasons to consider using leaflets in 2014.

Why use leaflets?

1. Something tangible:

One of the biggest benefits of using printed leaflets to promote your business offering is that you are able to provide your customers with something tangible. While customers are moving with the times and embracing the digital age, there’s something reassuring about having something in your hand in black and white. Leaflets offer you just this platform.

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2. Affordable:

Printed leaflets and flyers can be an affordable alternative to other more expensive printed marketing solutions like newspapers, billboards and brochures. The low cost also makes it a useful addition to a large promotional campaign and this will help increase both awareness and recall of your offering, and indeed your brand.

3. Targeted marketing:

For businesses, and particularly marketers, one of the biggest challenges can be making sure the right people see your ad. You want to ensure the money being invested into promoting your business ultimately leads to a return on the investment. With most traditional advertising formats like TV, radio, billboards and newspapers, you are merely investing in the added awareness that these platforms can provide. Consumers will see and hear your advert on these platforms, but is it really relevant? Leaflets allow you to be much smarter in your approach as you can specifically target those customers you want to and design a leaflet that is purposely for them. Whether you are targeting customers based on age, geographical location or indeed recent buying history, leaflets provide you with a great way to get really targeted in your marketing approach in 2014. Planning a targeted door to door leaflet drop? Check out our recent blog on planning your next leaflet drop for more information.

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4. Get personal:

One growing area in printed marketing is the ability to get personal with your marketing. One of the best examples of this was Coca Cola’s recent ‘Share a Coke campaign’ which took personalisation to a mass market based on your name. This campaign highlighted the benefits of a personal approach and this is something that can be incorporated into your next print run of leaflets. If you have built up a database of customers in recent years, why not make them feel really special by personalising their leaflet with their name. Organisations with larger budgets may even be able to personalise the message of each leaflet, ensuring that each leaflet is unique in its offering to the customer. While this may seem a while away for your organisation, the continued developments in the print world means it’s not as far away as you may think. Expect to see a lot more personalisation in things like leaflets, brochures, flyers and stickers over the coming years.

Printed leaflets - personal marketing - digital printing(Image source: The Drum)

5. Longevity:

Finally, another big plus of using leaflets in your marketing approach is the longevity you can get from them. Unlike papers which are often recycled once we finish reading them or billboards that may only have a 2 week cycle, printed leaflets can sit on the table in your customers home for weeks. This also gives the customer the opportunity to read the leaflet in their own time, allowing them to take in the information at their own pace and act on it if they wish to find out more. If you are planning on using leaflets to promote your business at a trade show or exhibition, it allows visitors to take something home with them to read in their own time. This means that even after initial contact has been made, a relationship can continue to develop thanks to a leaflet. Would this be possible if there was nothing for the visitor to take home with them? It’s highly unlikely.

Are you considering using leaflets this year to grow your business? Remember to set yourself a budget for any leaflet printing, and stick to this. Only order what you need as the last thing you want is hundreds or even thousands of leaflets gathering dust in your office or warehouse. For more information on the benefits of leaflet printing, get in touch with the Digital Printing team today.

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