A 5 step guide to using compliment slips

A 5 step guide to using compliment slips

It’s almost considered a staple in the business world along with business cards and letterheads but compliments slips offer much more than a simple space to give some nice compliments to customers. While they will include the line “with compliments”, a compliment slip should always be seen as another way of promoting yourself and your business to your customers. The most popular size of compliment slip is 1/3 A4 (99mm x 210mm) although we also provide compliments slips sized A6 and it is important that you use this area in the same way that you would use a brochure, leaflet, flyer or billboard to promote yourself. Compliment slips can also play a big part in maintaining and building customer relationships as it is so often the smaller things that can make a big difference. Below we take at look at 5 steps to using and utilising compliment slips.

1. Use as a branding tool:

When using compliments slips it’s important to remember that regardless of their size are purpose, they can be an extremely powerful branding tool. Attaching a compliments slip to something you are sending to a customer (or potential customer) is likely to result in it being read; therefore meaning it provides you with a captive audience. Ensure you continue to grow your brand awareness with these customers by having a clear logo and using your corporate colours as well.

2. Provide a professional finish:

Compliments slips have an extremely professional look and feel about them and can really help you to create a great first impression. Regardless of the message you put onto your compliments slip, the sheet should look neat and tidy and help paint a quality and efficient picture of yourself or your organisation.

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3. Give a personal touch:

Let’s face it, one of the best things about a compliments slip is the fact that it gives a real personal touch for customers. From taking the time to write something, to personally naming them on the slip, a compliment slip is a great way to build and develop a personal relationship with your customers, no matter how large or small your organisation is.

4. White space is your friend:

A professional finish is a big advantage to using complement cards but this can only be achieved if you have lots of space to deliver your message. For best results, use a white background for the main of your compliment slip. This will also mean your message will stand out and not be lost, regardless of what colour ink you choose to write with.

5. Get creative:

Finally, a compliment slip allows you to get creative both in the message you write and the layout you decide on. Consider printing on both sides of your compliment slip and using the reverse as an area that will constantly promote your offering and your brand.

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All our compliments slips are printed onto 120gsm uncoated paper, allowing you to get your message across to your customers, in an extremely cost effective manner. With no minimum quantity order, you can test a number of layouts and colours to see how your corporate colours and company logo look. You can also order compliments slips as part of a business starter kit, providing you with the key printed business essentials before starting out. Download our templates guide today and get started on your design.

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