5 things to consider when designing strut cards

5 things to consider when designing strut cards

Strut cards are a great marketing tool. They are convenient, engaging and very appealing, when done correctly. But how do you create a strut card that will work for you and your business? Well, we’ve devised our top five tips to help you better understand the process of designing a strut card.

1. Attention!

Strut cards are not there to give you tons of information, that’s what brochures and leaflets are for. Strut cards are used primarily to gain the attention of your audience in a snappy and creative way. Use bold and bright colours to allow your strut card to stand out. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple, as these are often the most effective types of strut cards.

Strut Cards

2.  Size & Shape:

Despite what you may think, strut cards don’t all come in one size. In fact, there are many different shapes and sizes that you can choose from. If you like to think outside the box and believe that this idea is mirrored in your product and/or service, then go for something a little bit different. Box shaped strut cards are effective because they can be seen from various angels.


(Image source: Farrows)

3. Colour:

As with all marketing material, colour will play a vital role in your strut card. Perhaps it is a more poignant point to make due to the size of a strut card. It will not have the ability to make an impact like a banner or a pop up stand and so it is vital that the design and colour are unique, appropriate and customer orientated.


  (Image source: Ripe Digital)

4. Text:

Text used in strut cards must be minimal, as you do not have the space to provide lots of information. Therefore the text used throughout your strut card must be to the point and enough to grab the attention of potential customers. Strut cards are commonly used for offers and discounts, be sure that to stand out by making your discount percentage the focus of your card.

5. Call to action:

Because you may feel that so little text used on a strut card may not give the amount of information about your product, service or offer then you may want to consider providing your customer with ways to receive more information. This can be done in many ways; providing an email address, a website or using social media icons to direct your reader. These days, the most popular form of call to action, (especially on strut cards) are QR codes. Use these to give your customer instant and accessible information.

Thinking about designing and printing a strut card? You wouldn’t be alone! Small and large companies alike print strut cards they are an excellent way to speak to your potential and current clientele. To print high quality strut cards and all other marketing material, speak to our professional printing team today. You can also follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.


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