5 Things to remember when designing an A4 poster

5 Things to remember when designing an A4 poster

If you’ve decided to print an A4 poster, you’ll have realised all the benefits by now. They are conveniently sized, can be very attractive and are a cheaper alternative to spending lots on huge posters. You’ll save money, use less paper and be able to get creative and that’s all the good news. The bad news is it’s probably a lot easier than it sounds. In order to get the most from your A4 poster – follow our top 5 top tips.

Design an A4 Poster that works

1) White Space

We talk about white space a lot on our blog, and that’s because we’re very passionate about designs that work. However, in this case – white space is even more vital than ever because with A4 printing, you have limited space. Be sure to include lots of white space in your poster to allow for readability. Remember white space doesn’t necessarily mean white – it can be a different colour, it just means lots of the same colour.


Source: Easton Arts Trail

2) Use of images

Images are an essential part of any design and A4 shouldn’t be any difference. By images, we don’t necessarily mean photos, but graphics too. Don’t overdo this! Again this is particularly relevant on A4 posters because the space in limited and you need to optimise this.

3) Text

Text on an A4 poster will need to be instantly grabbing, clear, concise and attractive. Choose a font style and size that will work in the A4 space, i.e. not too small or too big and most of all make sure it’s clear and readable. It’s also imperative that you use the same font in your poster as you do elsewhere- building your brand. It’s also imperative that you adopt a “less is more” approach when adding text to your A4 poster. You simply don’t have the space for lots of texts and all your audience will have time for will be the key points.

4) QR Code

We’re big fans of QR codes at Digital Printing because we know that your customers need somewhere to go, and soon! A QR code provides you with the opportunity to do this in a friendly, convenient and attractive way. It’s also a great way to avoid over describing and lots of content you don’t need at that moment – especially on the small space of A4.

MuraltownSource: NZ Mural Town

5) Colour

The temptation to go overboard with colour is similar to the effect of going overboard with images or text. It’s tempting because you want to make the maximum impact but, all this will really do is likely repel readers. If you have brand colours, stick to them and don’t stray. Remember our number 1 top tip, regardless of your colour scheme – keep white space to allow your text to be seen.

Fruit lovers
Source: Somerset Waste

Whatever your decision on design, your final printing on your A4 poster will also be vital in assuring people read it. Poor print is not attractive, and affordable high quality should be top of your list. To keep up with all the Digital Printing news, connect with us on Facebook or follow Twitter.


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