5 Things to remember when planning your next leaflet drop

5 Things to remember when planning your next leaflet drop

Now that you’ve printed an excellent leaflet, it’s time to start planning your distribution. This task can often be as time consuming as designing and printing the actual leaflet (if not more so). So before you embark on the leaflet drop journey, consider these 5 steps to ensuring your leaflet ends up with the right people – your customers.

1) Distribution method:

Many businesses opt for the door to door method as this seems like the most logical, especially if you have a very specific geographical and economical target. For example, if you are selling a very expensive product; you are likely to target wealthy areas. This targeted method makes sense, especially if you are delivering high quality leaflets to an audience like this (commonly known as the ABC1 class in the UK).

However, if you have printed leaflets for a coffee shop in a city centre area, it may also be worth considering the hand to hand leaflet distribution method.

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2) Effective timing:

Choosing to deliver your leaflets by hand means that you will need to consider time in detail. This is not as important with door to door delivery as most people will check their post on a daily basis. Effective timing distribution will work well for many small businesses, and is definitely worth considering for certain products like food, coffee and products that are on sale or have a special price for a limited time. This time constraint will push consumers and would be likely to result in higher sales conversions. Taking the time to consider a schedule for food leaflets is also important. For example, if your business operates in the city centre, your leaflet should be delivered in the early morning so potential consumers will order for lunch. This means that you are targeting your customer at the most opportune time.

3) Uniforms:

First impressions are vital. Don’t dress your leaflet distributors in black, or permit them to wear their own clothes. Branding is essential and you want your business, along with your leaflet, to be recognisable. Providing your staff with a uniform will give you this recognisability as well as professionalism.

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4) Information and education:

Opting for hand to hand leaflet distribution method means that your staff will also have a chance to communicate with your audience. This is another great marketing opportunity for your business. Hire friendly and approachable staff and educate them with the necessary information about your product or service and you will be giving your customers something more than just a leaflet; you will give them a customer service experience.

5) Get Legal:

In 2005, the UK introduced the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. This means you cannot distribute leaflets in most major cities in the UK without a permit. Get advice on getting the right permits for the right places from your local council. This law was placed in order to prevent littering, but if you’ve done your homework, designed your printed leaflet well, with a quality finish and targeted your audience successfully, littering should not be an issue.

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