5 Tips for using printed flyers at Christmas

5 Tips for using printed flyers at Christmas

“It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid”. This famous line is ringing in our ears once again this year as the Band Aid team come together to celebrate 30 years. It’s a really poignant line for this year’s song but more importantly, it’s a line that carries meaning in the business world over the festive season, and today we are going to look at why you shouldn’t be afraid of using printed leaflets this coming Christmas period.

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5 Ways to get the most from your festive flyers

1. Colour, colour and more colour

Leaflets and flyers can play a role in your marketing needs throughout the year, but during the festive season this need really amplifies. With so many offers and promotions put in front of customers on a daily basis, it’s important that your offer catches the eye. Nowhere more is this true over the Christmas period than on the high street where competition is fierce. Add festive colours like green and red to your flyers over the coming weeks and distribute them on the street to attract customers to your shop. Let the colour help you and your offer stand out.

2. Special deals

Everyone loves a special offer and more and more businesses are running pre Christmas sales. Don’t wait until Boxing Day or January to run offers to attract customers into your shop. Give reductions on old stock or last season’s products to attract customers in through the doors where they can spend, spend, spend. Use flyers to promote special offers and drive footfall to your store.

3. Element of surprise

It’s nice to be handed something and get a little surprise inside it; something you aren’t expecting. Folded leaflets are a great way to do this and can help you to create a real ‘wow’ factor. Highlight your special festive offer or your latest product or service using a folded leaflet where the message on the inside will leave your customers wanting more.

4. Tell a story

Christmas is a time of storytelling, from sharing stories with kids to creating new stories with friends and family that will be told for years to come. Use your flyer as a platform to share your story – everyone likes a good story at Christmas. Make a connection with your customers and start to build a relationship that will last for many Christmas’s to come.

5. Think outside the box

Don’t be confined to the standard prints of A4 and A5 when it comes to your festive flyer. Think outside the box and get creative with your design and print with something that will really catch the eye of your customers this year.

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