5 Tips to using printed brochures as a sales tool

5 Tips to using printed brochures as a sales tool

Printed brochures can be an extremely popular marketing tool, and one that can prove very versatile indeed. Brochures can come in many shapes and sizes, and your product / service offerings will often impact on this. When it comes to designing brochures, you want to design something that your customers will actually want to read; a brochure that can help drive sales or enquiries. This means you need to have the end user (the customer) in mind, when you are creating your brochure. Today we are going to look at ways in which you can use brochures as a sales tool for your business.

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How brochures can be used as a sales tool

1. Bring to trade shows / exhibitions

One of the big reasons for any company, large or small, to use printed brochures, is that they are perfect to take with you on your go. Let your field sales team use brochures to help provide more information to customers as they are out and about. This is never more relevant than at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. Here, your sales team may not get the chance to speak to everyone, but if they are well armed and supplied with brochures, then at least visitors to these shows can pick up a brochure and find out more about your offering in their own leisure. Brochures or leaflets should be a minimum requirement when it comes to visiting any trade show. They can act as a branding tool and also further promote your offering to a brand new audience.

2. Point of sale in your place of business

Another good use for brochures as a sales tool is in a point of sale scenario. If you own a retail outlet or even a restaurant, brochures a great way of informing your customers about different products, including price, to help them make a purchase decision. As well as being used in a point of sale environment in your place of business, it can also be worthwhile adding a brochure into packaging of a product. This will usually be a smaller product, but can help you to try and sell additional or newer products.

3. Direct mail campaign

Direct marketing and direct mail campaigns date back for many years, and can still be a popular marketing channel today, if used effectively. If you capture your customer details, a direct mail campaign can be a great way to let them know about new products, or your latest offers. Brochures are perfect for a direct mail campaign, and unlike leaflets and flyers, they allow you to get a lot of information onto the page.

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4. Promote additional products

Brochures can also be a great way to help you sell additional products and services. This is usually done through smaller brochures, although large brochures will still work well. If a customer has just purchased something from you, whether online or in-store, be sure to provide them with a brochure for similar or associated products. A great example here is when you buy a printer from a printers or electronic retailer. You will often get a brochure including that will provide information and costs on things like paper and ink cartridges.

5. Become your silent salesperson

Finally, brochures can become part of your sales team by becoming a silent salesperson. Whether your business is bricks and mortar, or you have an online store, provide your customers with brochures on your products and services, so they can become more knowledgeable on what you offer. This will make them a more informed customer, increasing the chances of purchase.

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