5 ways to create original and great business cards

5 ways to create original and great business cards

There is a great truth to the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whatever your business is, first impressions count and there is no first impression in business as important as your business card.

Moving away from generic business cards, people (especially in the creative industries) are trying to create a first impression that reflects their artistic, inventive or resourceful ability. At Digital Printing, we believe in the power of print. Follow the below 5 key tactics and create original and great business cards and begin your success story.

1. Go Green:

Digital Printing is a green company. We believe in, support and strive towards environmentally sustainable excellence. For this reason, our list is topped by the importance of going green when creating your business cards. This green business card is homemade and still carries an air of professionalism. Whilst not a practical idea for companies, it is a great idea for the individual who is looking after their carbon footprint and presenting themselves as a “can do creative” type. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by, following these steps.

Business CardSource: flickr.com 

2. Function Fun:

Here at Digital Printing we love fun, useful and functional business cards. Having a function for your business card means that (if effective enough) people will use it and remember it, making them more likely to remember you. This business card is an excellent example of a simple design and function with a purpose, these two characteristics come together to create an excellent business card that you will be sure to remember.

Functional business cards INSERT 2 Source: struck.com

3. Introducing Humour:

Our next business card of choice favours the funny. Whilst maybe not to everyone’s taste, even a little humour can make a big difference. This business card is old school Yahoo! (check out the yellow and blue logo) but even at this point, Jerry Yang was doing something ahead of his time by introducing himself as “Chief Yahoo.” Humour makes people comfortable, it is a conversation starter and in today’s business world, it is much too often disregarded.

Yahoo! Business cardSource: complex.com 

4. Simple Minds:

The idea of a business card is to create maximum effect with little information. Don’t crowd your card with lots of text. Let your business card speak for you, whilst you add the bear basics of contact info. Here is a beautiful example of a minimalist business card that creates a long lasting impression.

Simple Business CardSource: Behance.com

5. Call to Action:

Displaying your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn address on your business card is a great idea; it lets the world know how to contact you in the social world, as well as the business one. Another excellent idea for creating an effective call to action with your business card is a QR code. Use your business card to direct people to more substantial amount of information about your business and you.

NealSource: 708 Media

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your business card reflects your business and you in a way that will make you stand out. For more tips on printing and the business world, stay up to date with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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3 Responses to “5 ways to create original and great business cards”

  1. Digital Printing Wee Print Scotland

    We’ve had numerous clients ask about the difference between digital printed business cards and litho printed business cards. Have you found that people hold the perception that litho is better quality for business cards but would rather make the saving on digital printing?

    • Digital Printing Digital Printing

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      It certainly used to be case that people held the perception that digitally printed business cards were inferior. This perception is not without foundation and can in fact sometimes still be true depending on printing equipment and paper stocks used. At DigitalPrinting we only print on HP Indigo presses which are widely known for quality and producing print with a ‘litho look and feel’. We print on heavy weight boards suitable for business cards (in fact right up to 540gsm).

      So in short, we have never had a problem with quality perception from any of our clients because with our digital printing there isn’t a perceivable difference!