6 Reasons the food industry loves folded leaflets

6 Reasons the food industry loves folded leaflets

The world of restaurants and food outlets- be it chip vans or a Michelin star restaurant, all have one thing in common; folded menu leaflets. Folded leaflets are the most common way of displaying food options for lots of reasons. Today on the Digital Printing blog; we take a look at why the catering world loves folded leaflets.

6 Reasons why folded leaflets are great in catering

1. Space

They say variety is the spice of life, and this is especially true when it comes to food. People eat out because they want options, and folded leaflets offer your business the space needed to communicate this choice. With different sizes and a variety of space and layouts to choose from, you can get creative whilst still portraying an air of professionalism.

Roll fold leaflet - digital printing

2. Branding

Regardless of the size of your business or customer base, branding is important. Even small chip vans or portable food services need to engage with branding. Folded leaflets are not only great for menu’s in house, but also for giving to your customer. This is an added bonus because it brings your brand into their home.

3. Cost

Buying cheap folded leaflets only work to damage your business in the long run. In general, investing in quality leaflets is a cost effective process and as you will only need to print folded leaflets as you use them, you are saving money and looking after your environment.

4. Quality

Choosing to print your folded leaflet with a reputable company means you’ll receive top quality. Professionalism is probably most important in the food industry as food is such a personal thing. We want to know we are receiving food from people who care about standards, especially their own.

5. Lamination

In this business, folded leaflets can mean damage and this can have a huge effect on the overall quality of your brochure. Lamination is a very thin film that is applied to your leaflet after the printing process. This film provides extra protection to your leaflets and also provides it with an extra look of quality. Having the option to laminate your printed material is an excellent way to ensure quality and practicality, especially in the food industry.


6. Individuality

Having plenty of folding options with your leaflet allows you to individualise your folded leaflet. This is also a door into creativity for those businesses which may have tight branding rules elsewhere. At Digital Printing, you can choose from the following folds:

A) Half Fold
The printed sheet is simply folded in half. This creates 4 pages, front-cover, back-cover, and two internal pages.

B) Roll Fold
The printed sheet is creased twice to give 6 pages. The right hand panel is normally trimmed 2mm smaller depending on paper weight to allow it to be folded neatly into the two larger pages.

C) Z Fold or Accordion Fold
The printed sheet is creased two times (z) or more (accordion) giving parallel folds that open like an accordion, for example a leaflet.

D) Gate Fold
The printed sheet is creased twice to give 6 pages. The right and left pages are half the size of the centre page. They fold inward to meet the middle of the page.

Of course whilst folded leaflets are perfect for the food industry, they are all a universal marketing tool, suitable for everyone. If you’d like more information about using folded leaflets in your business, contact us today. Keep up to date with all the latest Digital Printing news by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.