6 Ways SMEs can benefit from printed leaflets

6 Ways SMEs can benefit from printed leaflets

Printed leaflets offer SMEs the opportunity and space to make an impact. Here at Digital Printing, we are great believers in the power of print and we are particularly proud of the work we do with leaflets. We believe in the power of printed leaflets for SME’s and here are 6 reasons why.


1. Leaflets are personal

With the invention of online advertising, there is always the temptation to believe that the world is online. Yes, to an extent this is true but with that you will find spam, scepticism and hesitation. Online adverts don’t carry a lot of credibility these days and as a small or medium enterprise, you may find that you’re customers will respond better to a more personal approach.

2. Branding

Like personalisation, branding plays an important part in creating effective leaflets and advertising. You cannot heavily brand on an online advert but you can do this with a leaflet due to space limitations. A leaflet offers you the space to create brand awareness and your customer is likely to recognise your brand this way.

3. Leaflets tell your story

SMEs typically have a personal and unique product or story. This lack of standardisation that sometimes comes with a larger company means that using a leaflet will enable you to tell communicate this effectively.

4. Target markets

In today’s digital obsessed world, the word marketing can immediately make you think of the internet. Don’t get us wrong, we love the internet and the list of endless possibilities it brings. But, not everyone is online, and this can be especially true if you are targeting an older audience. Outside of the online world, you can still target your market by location research you can physically drop a leaflet into your target customers’ hands, which can be especially useful for the smaller local businesses.

5. Content is King- we keep it

If you produce an attractive brochure from quality paper that contains quality information, more people will be tempted to keep it. Perhaps they will only read it once, or perhaps they will keep it for reference, regardless at least you can rest assure that it physically arrived in their house where by junk mail will go straight into a folder and will never be seen.

6. Cost effective

One of the many joys of digital printing is that it allows for a high quality and cost effective printing service. This is true especially in the case of leaflets; leaflets can be printed at a low price and can also be distributed at a reasonable price allowing you to save.

If you’re thinking about printing quality leaflets for your business, regardless of your size requirements, Digital Printing can help you. Speak to our professional team today for more information about our quality guarantee and read reviews about our leaflet printing service here. Connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to find out more information about all things print.