7 luxury papers to consider for your 2014 printing needs

7 luxury papers to consider for your 2014 printing needs

In business, standing out from the competition can often take something special. Something that really puts you on a different pedestal from the other key players in your industry. Whether you are a local hairdresser competing against others or a large university wanting to show the latest batch of students that yours is the campus they should be enrolling into, creating something that makes you stand out from the crowd is always a challenge. Once you achieve this certain ‘something’ and stand out from your competitors, it’s important to build on it and ‘capture’ your customer for life. This idea of standing out from the crowd and being different to your competitors also relates to the print industry. Consumers today see hundreds of adverts every day and will come across hundreds of leaflets throughout the year. So, the big question is, how will you stand out?

Well, one way you can stand out in 2014 is by adding some luxury to your printing needs and by this we mean luxury paper. Luxury paper can really help you make a statement to your customers, and here are 7 luxury papers to consider in 2014.

1. Acquerello

Acquerello Avorio is an ivory sheet of felt marked paper or board. This paper screams luxury but also has a real elegant feel to is that makes it ideal for quality corporate prints where you are looking to make a real statement. The paper is available in 160gsm, 240gsm and 280gsm and is also very popular for wedding invitations and stationery.


 2. Constellation Snow:

Constellation Snow has an embossed linen effect that helps provide a real luxurious feel to the page, something which we are sure your customers will not only remember, but certainly appreciate. Our range of constellation snow is available in 170gsm, 240gsm and 280gsm and is an ideal choice for deluxe brochures and greeting cards.

Constellation Snow

3. Laid:

Our range of laid paper is a premium off white shade of uncoated paper and board with a laid finish. Corolla Pentagram Laid is available in 100gsm, 240gsm and 300gsm paper weights and is a great solution to luxury invites, brochures or leaflets.


 4. Metallic Ice Gold:

This paper is a bright white shade with a pearlescent gold sheen over the page. This gold sheen provides a premium quality metallic finish to your paper or board and provides a nice glittering finish that shimmers and shines under light. This option is also available in a metallic silver finish.

Metallic Ice Gold

5. Nettuno:

Our Nettuno Bianco Artico paper is a high quality paper and board that has an off white shade that helps create a real luxury look and feel to the page. This is supported with a linear felt mark along both sides and is available in 140gsm, 215gsm and 280gsm paper weights. Our Nettuno luxury paper is great for luxury menus, flyers and brochures.


6. Sirio Pearl Platinum:

If your brand colours tend to be on the lighter end of the spectrum then the Sirio Pearl Platinum paper could be exactly what you are looking. This page has a platinum / grey pearlescent sheen that is quite dark, allowing lighter text to really stand out and make an impression. This paper is coated and treated on both sides, providing a special metallic finish for your printing needs that is great for invites, information cards and luxury flyers.This paper has a platinum/grey pearlescent sheen, ideal for invites, postcards or high quality information cards. The Sirio range also includes a Polar Dawn and Oyster range of luxury paper.

Sirio Pearl Platinum

7. Gesso:

The final piece of luxury on our list papers for 2014 is Gesso. This is a high quality uncoated paper with an off white shade and hammer effect felt mark that is on both sides of the page. This is one of our most popular luxury pages and is extremely popular when promotion special events or occasions.


When it comes to making a statement in 2014 with your printing material, why not consider adding a little touch of luxury. Whether it is as a cover page for a brochure, a flyer for a promotion or an invite to a special event, luxury paper can really help you make an impression in 2014.

If you would like more information on the different types of luxury papers available to you, get in touch with our expert team today and ask for a sample of pages available. Keep up to date with all the latest news here at Digital Printing, and stay connected over the holidays by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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