7 Ways images can help your banners stand out

7 Ways images can help your banners stand out

Our sight is among our most poignant senses. Advertising is founded on the very belief that images are powerful and we react to images, be that negatively or positively – they will be sure to have an impact. We take a look at how images can help your banner stand out and how banners can really make an impact.

1.  Images speak to our generation:

At a time when cameras are carried around in our pockets, anyone and everyone is a photographer. We are obsessed with images and voice this through our use of Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest etc. It is this need to see, visualise and capture that makes us almost ignore text which is unaccompanied by image.

2.  Effectively portray a key message:

Images can be used to effectively to portray your key messages. Images are much more memorable than text and will always be an association of your brand. Tell a story with images, and use them to enhance your business message.

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3. Create humour:

Images can be used effectively to create humour. Humorous marketing material is often much more talked about, shared and generally more effective.

4.  Sell your product:

Especially in the case of food goods, images can really appeal to our senses. Using high definition and appealing images will sell your product or service. We are drawn to images and would often be more likely to make a snap judgement on an image of a product than a text description.

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5. Colour and creativity:

Your marketing tools such as banners, leaflets and pop up stands say as much about you as your product or service. Customers will immediately judge your company by how you present yourself and a banner is a strong representation of you. Depending on the use of colour and creativity, the use of images could portray your business as modern and creative and this will reflect on your company image.

6.  Appealing to your audience:

Images on a banner can appeal directly to your target audience should you used the correct image. An example shown below highlights this well, while the text will appeal to an adult, the image of the child with his hands covered in paint will most certainly appeal to the child.

Vinyl Banners

7.  Reliability:

The use of images of people throughout the history of marketing has been phenomenal. An image of a person on any piece of marketing material can make a difference. We can see this with companies like Coca-Cola, were the image of the housewife or Santa became global icons of the brand.

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