A Guide to Folded Leaflets

A Guide to Folded Leaflets

Whether you’re promoting an event, advertising a special offer or simply getting your business’ name out there, folded leaflets provide a high impact way to deliver your message and make a statement.

As a cost-effective option with quick turnarounds, the folded leaflet is a classic example of how printed material can be and remain an integral part of traditional marketing used by businesses for eye-catching direct mail, compact brochures, or mouth-watering menus. 

Designing folded leaflets from scratch can be daunting as there is so much to think about. That is why we have created this full guide to folded leaflets. Here is everything you need to know…

What are folded leaflets?

A folded leaflet is a sheet of paper that has been folded in order to display information for advertising or marketing purposes. With a range of different fold types, you can have as little or as much space as you need to advertise your business, promote an offer or showcase your products. Whatever you need them for, folded leaflets are extremely versatile.

When to Use a Folded Leaflet?

These promo materials are so versatile that you can use them just about anywhere! You can create professional promotional documents, newsworthy newsletters or mouth-watering menus. Folded leaflets are a highly effective advertising tactic because you are able to visually and verbally showcase your product/service to your target market. 

What are the benefits of folded leaflets?

The number of benefits seems endless when it comes to folded leaflets. However, the key benefit of advertising via a folded leaflet is their cost-effectiveness. 

Several types of folds allow you to get more information onto a large flat page that is then folded making it smaller and more portable. Our most popular size is A4 folded to 1/3 A4 (or DL) size. These fit perfectly into standard envelopes and pockets as well as being small enough to be handed out door to door, and distributed in public. 

There are many other sizes that businesses choose to work with as well. Choosing the size of your folded leaflet is entirely dependent on your business needs, the design and how much information you wish to include. This versatility is what makes them such a great and popular promotional tool. 

How many types of folded leaflets are there?

There are many types of folded leaflets. We offer a range of leaflet printing options, you can choose from half fold, roll fold, Z fold or gatefold leaflets. You can also opt for Single-sided or double-sided, making your leaflet even more versatile!

Have a look below at our folding options and choose the best one for you… 

  • Half Fold Leaflets

Half fold leaflets are folded in half along the centre like a greeting card. This simple fold is easy to open and read and gives you 4 panels/pages.

  • Roll Fold Leaflets

Roll fold leaflets are divided into three sections, with outer sections folding over one another. This is also known as a letter fold. Roll folds a normally used when inserting into an envelope. As leaflet is folded twice vertically, it means you get 6 panels/pages to work with.

  • Z fold leaflets

They fold like an accordion or Z-shape, allowing you to show three panels of artwork on each side, which are viewed in sequence. These are similar to roll fold but is generally used when you want the person reading the leaflet to open the folded leaflet fully before reading. These differ from roll fold leaflets in that their panels do not overlap.

  • Gatefold leaflets

Gatefold Leaflets have their outer flaps folded to meet in the middle. The flaps can be unfolded to showcase the artwork within. Designers can get quite creative with this type of fold. We find designers can get quite creative with this type of fold.

What Paper Can I Print a Folded Leaflet on? 

At DigitalPrinting.co.uk, we have a range of paper options available:

  • Silk: Silk coated paper has a smooth feel with a discreet surface sheen. It offers excellent ink to paper contrast, and printed colours appear distinct and clear. A recycled option is available. (115gsm – 350gsm)
  • Gloss: Gloss coated paper has a shiny surface and very smooth finish. Colour is sharp and stands out well. (115gsm – 350gsm)
  • Uncoated: Our uncoated paper is a great choice for leaflets that need to be written on as it is absorbent, and therefore easy to write on with ink. Printed inks appear flatter due to this absorbency, and the paper has a soft tactile finish. A recycled option is available. (100gsm – 350gsm)

We also have a comprehensive selection of luxury papers for when you want something that little bit extra special… 

When it comes to luxury papers, you can choose from:

  • Acquerello (160gsm-280gsm)
  • Constellation Snow (170gsm-280gsm)
  • Laid (100gsm-300gsm)
  • Metallic Ice Gold (300gsm)
  • Metallic Ice Silver (300gsm)
  • Mohawk Felt (120gsm-300gsm)
  • Nettuno (140gsm-280gsm)
  • Sirio Pearl Oyster (125gsm-300gsm)
  • Sirio Pearl Platinum (300gsm)
  • Sirio Pearl Polar Dawn (125gsm-300gsm)
  • Splendorgel Avorio (100gsm-300gsm)
  • Gesso (140gsm-250gsm) 

What Kind of Finish is Available for Folded Leaflets?

Our folded leaflets are available in a number of finishes including single or double-sided lamination in gloss or matt finish. You can also opt for no lamination. 

Matt lamination gives a soft, contemporary effect while adding a gloss lamination gives a higher quality shine finish than printing on gloss paper alone. Lamination is most useful with solid colours or images to enhance their vibrancy or where you want to protect your printed leaflets.

It’s worth noting that lamination is not available on luxury papers and due to the extra high-quality nature of the material, we don’t think it’s needed!

How do I supply my artwork?

When you order with DigitalPrinting.co.uk, it’s easy! As soon as you are happy with our quote for the amount of folded leaflets you require, then all you have to do is upload your print-ready PDF. 

You can supply 1 PDF file as a 2 page flat spread. This is how your job looks when unfolded. Just remember to check where your folds are. We also accept multi-page PDF files with all the pages in the correct running order and we will impose the pages into flat spreads ready for print.

How to design a folded leaflet?

We provide templates in Adobe Illustrator, InDesigns and PDF formats. Check them out here

Please remember, it is very important to add crop and bleed marks when producing leaflets. Please provide at least 3mm bleed. You will also need to allow for a 5mm “Safe Area” from the edge of the page. If you are unsure of the layout and size that you are working with, refer back to our free templates to help guide you.

Why Use DigitalPrinting.co.uk

Digital Printing is ideal for short to medium quantities that you need in a hurry. With DigitalPrinting.co.uk, we only ever print what you need. 

As experts in leaflet printing, we use our HP Indigo digital printing process to ensure top quality and rich, distinctive colour to help set your business apart. We can offer you same day dispatch on folded leaflets if you order by 12 noon. Get your marketing message out to the world whenever you need to, in the easiest way possible with our folded leaflets.

Upload your artwork today to get started. 

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