How To Assemble A Pop-Up Display Stand

How To Assemble A Pop-Up Display Stand

gold-roll-up-stand-2Are you attending a trade show or exhibition in the near future? If so, a high-quality, promotional pop-up display stand should be the very first thing on your business shopping list. In this post, highlights the benefits of using display stands to promote your business and gives a set of step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a pop-up display stand.

What Is A Pop-Up Display Stand?

The main purpose of a pop up display stand is to attract members of your target audience to your business. During trade shows and exhibitions, potential customers come in their thousands to sample products and services from a range of industries. Pop up stands are typically situated at event booths, giving passers-by a brief introduction into what your business has to offer and an insight into your core brand values.

What Makes An Effective Pop-Up Display Stand?

The best pop up display stands:

  • Have a brand-centric design that is consistent with all other business channels
  • Can be assembled quickly and easily to reduce set up time
  • Are concise and engaging – too much information can confuse on-lookers
  • Make good use of colour and imagery in order to foster consumer interest
  • Clearly show all relevant business contact details for those who want more information

How To Assemble A Pop Up Display Stand

In this section, we provide the step-by-step process on how to assemble a pop-up display stand:

  • Pull out the 3×3 Rapide Pop Up Stand frame

This pop-up stand has a self-locking frame which produces an instant rigid structure. By using the colour codes, you can easily identify the top of the frame and set it up accordingly.

  • Attach the magnetic bars

The magnetic bars latch on instantly to the magnets in both the bars and hubs, using multi-pole magnetic tape to ensure fast, easy and precise panel joining with opposite-polarity panel magtape.

  • Roll out the graphics

Next, unroll the graphics sheet at dimensions: 702 x 2220mm x 3 panels with 450 x 2220mm end caps x 2.

  • Attach graphics to the frame

Then, attach the graphic by hooking it over each latch.

  • Smooth graphics onto the magnetic bars

In order to smooth the graphic onto the mag bar, ensure that it is sitting to one side of the centre line of the magnetic strip.

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