3 reasons to avoid cheap banner stands

3 reasons to avoid cheap banner stands

Banner stands can be a great way of making an impact and promoting your product or service to both potential customers and existing customers. They are often a popular marketing tool at trade shows or conferences and can also be a useful point of sale tool in store at your place of business. Banner stands tend to come in two types – roll up banner stands or pop up banner stands. Roll up banner stands are the most cost effective option for most businesses and we recently looked at 5 reasons to invest in roll up banner stands. Despite this popularity, it is easy to have a bad experience with roll up banner stands, with many companies offering cheap and nasty banner stands that simply aren’t worth the “amazing price” quoted. While many roll up banners can look the same on the outside, the difference in quality can be night and day. Quality is something we pride ourselves on here at Digital Printing so to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing your next banner stand, we thought we’d take a look at 3 reasons to avoid those “cheap” and “nasty” banners available throughout the web.

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A quick search in Google for “cheap banner stands” returns over 1 million results so it’s important to ensure you are getting value for money no matter how cheap the product is. Never substitute the quality of your banner stand to save a few pounds as it will only mean problems ahead of you, and here’s why.

3 reasons to avoid cheap banner stands:

1. Inferior material:

Perhaps the biggest reason to avoid investing in “cheap” banner stands is the materials. The materials used will be far inferior to that of a medium or premium priced banner stand. The material used for the graphics will tend to be of poorer quality and the frame can often be made from plastic or a similar flimsy material. These cheaper materials make damage that little bit easier and let’s face it; no one wants to promote their business through a damaged banner stand.

2. Wear and tear:

Another problem with cheap banner stands is that they can suffer quickly and easily from general wear and tear resulting in damage and often an early trip to the skip. If you are looking for a banner stand that you plan to take on the road regularly and plan to set it up and collapse it regularly then consider investing in a superior stand. Cheaper banner stands tend to suffer much easier from the regular use at trade shows with the set up and down function often becoming damaged as the roll up mechanism breaks easier. The graphics can also fade in time as well so if you want something that you will get longevity from and can take with you on the road, consider investing in it and not just opting for a “cheap” banner. Our gold level banner stand is an affordable and durable stand that will stand the test of time.

3. Environmentally friendly:

Being green is a big thing in the business place today, especially when it comes to your print needs. We recently looked at 5 ways to improve how your business recycles and choosing the right banner stand can actually impact on this. As they tend to get damaged much easier and you don’t get as long a life cycle from them, cheap economy banner stands can often be tossed in the trash in no time and often without a second thought. Rather than continuing to purchase cheap banner stands, throwing them in the bin and then replacing them, make an investment in one that is of superior quality. Premium banner stands will have a strong aluminium frame that should last for a long time so try to source a stand that can have the graphics re-skinned, allowing you to get even more value from your initial purchase.

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At Digital Printing we believe in quality and whether it is our introductory silver banner stand or our premium stand, we use only the best materials to ensure you (and we) can be happy to put your name on it. All of our printed banner stands come with high quality printed graphics, metallic frame, telescopic pole and padded carrier case, making them ideal to take on the road or use in your place of business. Check out our full range, including our ideally priced gold and platinum ranges here.

Have you ever had any bad experiences when using cheap banner stands at exhibitions or even in store? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know about your experiences by commenting below or sharing your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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