Leaflet fails – 4 things to avoid

Leaflet fails – 4 things to avoid

When it comes to creating a printed leaflet, we all want to stand out from the crowd and actually add some form of value to those customers who will be reading it. Leaflets can be used in many situations but you want to make the right impression from the start – this can be through your message, your design or even as far as the type of paper used to print the leaflet. We’ve seen some great examples of leaflets done well over the years but we have also seen some howlers, leaflets that really shouldn’t have been printed in the first place. The following leaflet is appropriately titled “MAY MADNESS” and it certainly is madness. Here are 4 things we can all learn from this flyer.

Flyer mistakes - Digital Printing Blog(Image – Gallery Hip)

1. Remove the clutter

Okay so you have a sale coming up and you want people to know about it – that’s great, let them know about it. Don’t try and cram everything into your leaflet as it will simply become too confusing for anyone reading it. There are so many different messages coming from the above flyer that the main message is lost. Have a defined goal and message with your flyer and follow through with this.

2. Be consistent with your text

There is no problem with putting your text in capitals and using different sizes for the key messages but the big thing is to have a consistent flow to your text. When we think of books, newspapers and magazines, these are all examples of things we enjoy reading because they text and message is clear and easy to understand. Use 2 fonts at most and try to stick to a consistent look with your choice of colours. The human eye can only take in so much – help your customers out.

3. Clear message

One of the most important things when creating any piece of printed marketing material is the need for a clear message. We have already touched on this above but be sure that your audience can clearly see what you are offering. The leaflet shown above highlights big savings without any indication on what these savings are on. This key message also plays second fiddle to the image and text used at the top of the image.

4. Use colours that complement your brand

Colour plays such an important role in the world of print. It can also be a big influencer in the purchase making decision process of consumers so it’s important to give plenty of thought to what type of colours you will use and how they will be used. Avoid just throwing colours into a leaflet to fill a space. Colour is also important when it comes to text – light colours like yellow can often be hard to read. From the example above, white text on a light blue background should be avoided. For more information on colour and print read our article on the psychology of colour in print.

Are you in the process of getting leaflets and flyers ready for the busy Christmas period or planning ahead for 2015? Remember these 4 leaflet lessons and don’t be creating something that will leave your customers scratching their heads.

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