The best ways to promote your brand, products and services with roll up banner stands

The best ways to promote your brand, products and services with roll up banner stands

The best ways to promote your brand, products, and services with roll up banner stands

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It’s hard to avoid roll up banner stands. For years companies have used them to promote products, services or to grow their brands and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. A well placed, professional, well-designed roll up banner stand will get your message across to large numbers of people in a wide variety of locations.

What makes an effective roll up banner stand?
The two most important elements that will determine the effectiveness of your roll up banner stand are its design and its location. A well-designed stand will have little impact if no one sees it or if it gets lost among other marketing from competitors or even your own business. Similarly, a poorly designed stand will have a negligible or even negative effect regardless of its location.

What makes an effective roll up banner stand?

  • Clear objectives – You can’t advertise all your products or services on one stand. If you want to grow your brand you might just include your logo, a strapline and contact details. If you’re introducing a new product or service, concentrate solely on that. You can show your full range on other material or once a potential customer makes contact. Often a stand will be designed specifically to target those who attend a particular location or event.
  • Minimum content – Don’t put in too much text. A headline, strapline or at the most a few bullet points will be more than enough. People will usually pass by rather than stop to read, so get across your message quickly and clearly.
  • Relevant information at top – The eye naturally reads from the top. Also remember that other items, tables or even people may partially obscure your stand so get your main points noticed by ensuring they’re at the top of your design.
  • Logo/branding/contact details – Your roll up banner stand should, of course, include your logo as well as the colours and corporate identity that are consistent with other marketing. It’s all part of growing your brand. Easy contact details are also a must so always include a phone number, web address or even a QR code.
  • Call to action – Why should anyone contact you? A business logo and contact number won’t give anyone a reason to call. Your headline, strapline or brief bullet points should suggest how your business will help potential customers. Offers and special deals also encourage people to get in touch. A little thought at the design stage will really help make your roll up banner stand more effective and likely to increase your sales. supply a range of roll up banner stands from our entry-level bronze roll up banner to our top of the range platinum stand that can be used again and again, year after year. Prices start at only £23 per stand for our bronze option and you can upload your artwork from any desktop or mobile device. For more information on roll up banner stands or to see our full range of products visit or contact us today.


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