Four great ways to grow your brand with leaflets

Four great ways to grow your brand with leaflets

Build your brand with printed leaflets

Printed Leaflets

Printed leaflets remain an important part of the marketing mix for many businesses from sole traders and SMEs to larger companies. Leaflets are great value for money and when it comes to advertising or increasing sales, they really work.

Many businesses use leaflets to promote products, offers or services. Whatever your leaflet is for, one thing it should always do is help grow your brand and there are a few ways to make sure it does:

1. Link with web and social media
Print and digital marketing both have a place in modern day advertising. The most effective campaigns combine both. Your printed leaflets can link to web or social media pages using QR codes or just by pushing the web address or profile name and giving incentives to find out more online. Every time someone lands on your page they’ll see your logo. And if they share your content your brand will grow even more.

2. Events and shows
Trade events, shows and conferences are ideal places to grow your brand. Attendees are ready-made prospects for your business. Seeing your branded leaflets at these events can help cement your business’s credentials, grow your brand and give more credibility to your company.

3. Direct mail
Research shows that 84% of people will look at direct mail. That’s a better hit rate than television, press, or online advertising. The better your headline, the bigger your chance of convincing the recipient to find out more. Special deals, coupons and free offers are great for getting even more mileage from your leaflet and growing your brand.

4. Brand it – brand it – brand it
If your leaflet is well branded with your logo and corporate colours it will help grow your brand regardless of its content. If 84 out of 100 people will look at mail posted through their door that means 84% of people who receive your leaflets will see your brand even if they read no further (although a good headline should ensure they read more). The secret of growing a brand is to plant it firmly in as many minds as possible. You may not see immediate results but the more someone sees your brand the more they’ll start to trust it, so good, consistent branding is vital.

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