Brochure content: What your brochure will say about you

Brochure content: What your brochure will say about you

Your brochure will act as an outlet for your business offering – be that a service or product and getting the content of this brochure right is vital. But, it’s not just what you say in the brochure that matters, it’s really what the brochure will say about you. Getting the right content with the right brochure design, will mean you have a better chance of engaging people. And in return, this should convert to sales.

Brochure content


The most important thing about any content is creating engagement. To do this you must avoid boring sentences, overly detailed explanations and huge chunks of dull text. Get to the heart of your service of your offering, don’t be overly casual (unless this fits with your brand guidelines) and if your brand is a strictly serious organisation, this doesn’t have to mean you have to use heavy, complicated language.

For example: You are an electronics company, and you want to let your customers know a little bit about you. When introducing yourself, this doesn’t mean you must detail your entire business history, it simply means offering your most important and relevant information.

A bad example of this is: We were formed in 1999 as a print company by our founding team; the Wilson brothers. In 2001 we merged with XYZ company and began to offer photo printing services. In 2003, we began to gradually grow bigger and moved into retailing cameras and following this in 2006 we decided to move into electronics as a whole. Since 2006 we have been retailing electronics full time and are very knowledgeable in all things electric.

A good example of this is: We began our journey into electronics over 15 years ago, and since we’ve been continually growing and expanding. Our first business venture was in print, which we loved and had a particular interest in photography printing. Our passions for photography lead us into retailing cameras and then, all of a sudden we were fascinated by all things electronic and here we are today, offering the world a huge selection of electronic products.

Your brochure is a blank canvas and your words are your paintbrush, so bring your brochure to life by writing lively, informatively and well.


As with all good pieces of writing, you must have an introduction, middle and an end. White space is vital, there is no sense is writing great content and making it difficult for your reader – they will simply give up. They say “Content is King” and this is true, but don’t forget grammar is Queen. Proof reading is not an option, it’s a necessity.

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