Why Brochures Continue to Do the Business When it Comes to Making Sales.

Why Brochures Continue to Do the Business When it Comes to Making Sales.

brochuresSome people might say that brochures are no longer effective in our digital age. Those people are missing a trick. Emailing information is cheap and cheerful, but open rates – and so ROI – can be low unless you’re offering a very big incentive or talking to a warm lead. And while building a website is often see as an essential, it’s often costly – especially if you want to do it right – and really never has the same visual impact. Especially on the small screen.

Moreover, when everyone’s going digital, going the other way and embracing print in a way that make the most of this high quality, design led medium, is in itself an easy way to create maximum stand out in your marketplace. And the real reasons for that might surprise you… Because brochures can improve your bottom line in ways that digital can’t come close to: being sensual.

Hold on! We’re not going to get all touchy-feely on you – we’ll leave that to the benefits of brochures:

1. The Sweet Smell of Success
The smell of fresh ink on quality paper is up there with newly-baked bread, just-ground coffee and freshly cut grass. It’s a powerful thing. Aromatic triggers automatically create feel good connections in the brain – creating a feel good experience that becomes associated with your business. And smart businesses know that, for their customers, it’s all about the experience.

2. Touch Greatness
In our digital age, people are deprived of touch in all kids of ways – there’s a virtual physical barrier between really connecting with the information. Actually giving your customers something to touch, keep, hold and pass on to others is an opportunity that should be seized.

3. Seeing is believing
So, you’ve gone to all that expense to commission beautiful photography. Are you really going to limit its potential impact to an average 5.2-inch screen? A beautifully printed, well-designed high-quality brochure will take your visual identity to the next level. Particularly important if you’re offering a high-end experience. Get the picture?

4. Get Engaged
People receive emails. They often don’t request them. Conversely, people take brochures, which makes that person a warm lead. They’re already interested and want to know more. Or they know someone who does. If your brochure can convey all that is interesting about your business and give a good account of you, it’s your silent salesperson, working away in the background even when you’re not.
So the bottom line here is, if you’re going to a trade show, exhibiting or eventing, going without a stack of brochures is a wasted opportunity.

5. Count the cost
Digital campaigns are here today and gone tomorrow. They need to create immediate impact because they are a one-shot, short-lived strategy. If that doesn’t work, it’s on to the next thing… Brochures are still considered cost-effective because they stick around. If your content isn’t campaign specific or doesn’t date, you can use a brochure for as long as you like. Brochures continue to influence the buying decisions of all kinds of customers as the all of the information they need to make an informed decision is right there, in their hands.
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