The Ultimate Business Stationery Print Checklist

The Ultimate Business Stationery Print Checklist

With the Christmas period over and all of us back to work, we’re feeling a little gloomy… That’s why has created this blog to make your January seem a little bit more interesting with your ultimate business stationery checklist.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran in the business world, there are just some bits of printed stationery that no business can live without. Whether you only need a few items on this list or the whole lot, you must make sure your business stationery is well designed, coordinated and professional to ensure you are leaving a good lasting impression of your business. 

By following our ultimate business stationery print checklist, you will be surprised by the amount of positive feedback you will receive. 

My Business Stationery Print Checklist

Below is your ultimate business stationery print checklist: 

  •  Business Cards

Your business card is more often than not one of the first impressions that someone will have of your company. Therefore it’s vital that you present something high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and also informative. 

Everything matters when it comes to business cards, from the layout and design to the feel and weight of the paper! Luckily for you, have already covered these topics to ensure that you present the best impression of your company. 

To find out what should be included in your business card, read our blog “6 Design Tips To Remember When Creating Business Cards”. 

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant, then luxury business cards are what you need: 

  • Luxury Business Cards

The main difference between our luxury business cards and business cards is the thickness of the card. A standard business card would be around 300gsm but luxury business cards start at 540gsm and can reach a thickness of 1190gsm – that’s 4 times thicker than a normal business card.

So, if you are looking for something premium, that’s high-quality, then our luxury business cards are your answer. 

As we have mentioned before, business cards are essential for a good impression – so why not make it a lasting connection too? 

  • Letterheads

A company letterhead is so versatile that it’s a must for every business’s stationery drawer.

Company letterheads are documents that include a heading containing important business information such as your company’s logo, name, address and contact information. As we mentioned above, company letterheads are so versatile can be used for a number of things such as invoices, minuting notices, legal tenders and memos. 

Letterheads will add a sense of professionalism and establishment to otherwise bare documents. They are also a great tool to break the ice with new customers and clients, legal correspondence documents and also enhance your business’s reputation and reinforcing your brand’s core values. 

  • Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are more often than not forgotten about with regards to printed business stationery – however, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them. 

Compliment slips are a piece of card that is printed with “With Compliments’ ‘ and a short space for a handwritten message. They’re great to add to delivery orders, brochures, or even sending to an individual to thank a customer or a client for their customer. 

This simple, but very personal and valuable piece of business stationery will not only reinforce your brand but it also adds a tangible piece of appreciation and human touch to your business which your customers and clients will be grateful for. 

  • Appointment Cards

Appointment cards are an easy and simple way to stop those all but costly no-shows!

Appointment cards are a very useful business tool that many companies are missing out on. They are a piece of card that contains your company’s logo, name, contact details and address and they’re used to confirm meetings with clients, appointments with customers and they are a great print to work alongside other printed material and online promotional work. 

On top of this- they also ensure your customers and clients turn up to their meetings/ appointments. There is nothing more frustrating than spending all of your time preparing for an appointment to have your client not turn up! By providing them with an appointment card it not only ensures they remember their next meeting with you, but also encourages them to turn up on time, and also have your all-important information in hand to be able to contact you. 

Never take appointment cards for granted: they are an important piece of marketing that showcases your company: they add professionalism, an opportunity to add a personal touch (handwritten messages) and a good final impression of your company. 

  • Notepads- Glued

Notepads are a nice business stationery print to have around the office, especially during important meetings. 

Surprising to most, notepads are a really good marketing tool. They are simple yet effective. They can be a great gift to your clients while also acting as an advert for your company all year round. Having company notepads is very similar to company letterheads, they give a sense of establishment and reinforces your brand in a subtle but aesthetic and coordinated way.  

  • Business Starter Kit

If you’ve just started out in the business world, or you have realised that you need a complete stock up of business printed stationery, then our business starter kit is a great place to start. 

This printed business starter kit offers everything that you need while also being straightforward and hassle-free It provides everything you need to get your business well on its way:

  • A4 Letterhead – 210mm x 297mm
  • Compliment slip – 210mm x 99mm
  • Business cards – 85mm x 55mm

When you order a business starter kit, your letterheads and compliment slips will be printed on our laser guaranteed 120gsm premium uncoated paper, your business cards will be printed on our high-quality 350gsm thick premium uncoated board. On top of all of this, you will also have the choice of single-sided or double-sided printing for all items in your business starter pack.

Where Can I Order Printed Business Stationery?

Here at, we have been creating beautiful printing for over 20 years, right from the start of the digital printing revolution. So, it’s safe to say, we know a thing or two when it comes to digital printing. In fact, we want everything to be perfect for our customers, right from the quality of the print to even the box that holds your order. 

We offer a large range of business stationery for our customers to browse and order through. Ranging from business cards to glued notepads, we offer our DP guarantee to all our customers to ensure that they receive the print that they desire, as we understand how important all of your jobs are. 
To find out how we can help you launch and grow your business through printed stationery, visit or contact us today.

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