Business Thank You Cards: FAQs

Business Thank You Cards: FAQs

thank you, thank you card, business thank you, business thanks cardDid you know that by simply saying ‘thank you’ to your customers, employees and other stakeholders, you can set yourself up for business success? … We didn’t think so. That’s why, in this post, attempts to answer the most common questions related to thank you cards, highlighting the key benefits that they could bring to your business

Are business thank you cards just for customers?

Contrary to common knowledge, business thank you cards are not just for your customers; they work equally as well inside the workplace. Do you have any employees that are performing exceptionally well? Business thank you cards are the perfect morale booster. Handing out personalised business thank you cards will ensure that your top performers feel appreciated, leading to greater employee buy-in and less turnover.

Why not send thank you messages online?

We live in a world of electronic communication. Social media, instant messages, email – they’re everywhere. Although beneficial in many ways, because of the fact that electronic communication is so readily available, it becomes disposable – that is: opened, scanned over and deleted. Business thank you cards, on the other hand, are tangible. They are able to be pinned to notice boards or set upon work desks, clearly displaying the effort you have gone through to create them. This, in turn, bodes favourably for your business reputation and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

How to create effective business thank you cards

The following are the crucial aspects of any effective business thank you card

   1. Start with a greeting

To ensure that the recipient feels appreciated, the best thank you cards will start with a short greeting that includes their name. The greeting tone will be dependent on your business type. For example, corporate companies would start with ‘Dear’ or ‘Hello’; whereas trendier, more youthful businesses could use ‘Hey’ or ‘What’s up’.

   2. Be specific with your gratitude

It’s important to let your stakeholder – be it a customer, partner or whatever – know what you are thanking them for. Whether it be a recent purchase, a conversation, a new deal or something else, the more specific you are with your gratitude, the more appreciated they will feel.

   3. Add a personal touch

A surefire way to increase your recipient’s brand loyalty is to add a personal touch to their thank you card. This may be achieved by reviewing their recent purchases to highlight other products they may be interested in.

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