High quality wedding invitation printing for Less? Be our guest…

High quality wedding invitation printing for Less? Be our guest…
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Whether you’re a specialist wedding invitation designer, or are DIYing your own very personal invitations, our wedding invitation printing service is designed to take care of the quality of your print across everything you could need, from ‘Save the Dates’ to the Order of Service – and everything in between.

In most cases, brides and grooms want a suite of printed stationery that match and complement each other.

So, if you’re a designer, you’ll have enough to deal with getting everything perfect for the happy couple. While if you’re the happy couple, you’ll want to know that your stationery is in good hands, will be with you on time and will meet your exacting standards.

Plus, we can help you make the whole process, from design to print, easy and stress-free with our easy to follow guide to getting your stationary print perfect…

Get the details right…

At a minimum, you’ll need to include the hosts – whether the couple or their parents, the bride and groom, time, date, location and your RSVP details. You may also want to include a printed RSVP card too to make it easy for your guests.

You can be as formal or as casual as you like – get some creative inspiration here.

Design it With Love…

Whether you’re doing it yourself or instructing a designer, the fun is in applying your personal style and bringing your personality as a couple to life. But there are a few basic rules: select a font that is legible. Keep frilly fonts for big bold messages and less flamboyant fonts for the smaller details.

Your colours will follow from your wedding theme and so are important in setting the tone, but again for legibility, use them carefully to make sure the invitation is easy to read.

As for selecting paper, your printer can help to advise on which is best to create the effect you’re after in terms of texture, weight, finish and colour, and within your budget.

Don’t forget the Thank You cards! You’re welcome!

Give Yourself Enough Time

Sounds obvious but as with anything: the sooner you do it, the sooner it’s done – and the less stress is involved. Thankfully, Digitalprinting.co.uk offers VERY fast turnaround times… but there’s a lot to do before – and after – you send your invites to us.

So, however long you think it will take, multiply that by four. Organising invites involves design, print, assembling, addressing and mailing. So our rule of thumb is to allow at least 2 months for the whole process. And as invites need to go out at least 6-8 weeks before the big event, you’ll need to get a wiggle on…

Think About First Impressions

Imagine your guests opening your invitation:  that starts with the envelope, right? So giving thought to how your invitation will look and match with an envelope is important.

You can design any of our greetings cards to create an impressive yet simple wedding invitation – with a choice of envelopes included.

Check, Check and Check Again

Ask friends or family to check your invitation for readability, errors or spelling mistakes. Spell check can’t be relied upon to pick up errors in local place names, for example. Or you may have missed an obvious piece of information. A fresh pair of eyes could make sure your invitation is perfectly stunning.

So if you’re getting hitched and thinking about how you can get the best wedding invitation printing service for the best value, look no further than www.digitalprinting.co.uk.

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