The Perfect Corporate Event – Five tips on running a successful event.

The Perfect Corporate Event – Five tips on running a successful event.

Corporate EventIf you’re introducing your new business, hosting a networking event or simply saying thanks to existing customers, a corporate party or event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business and build your brand. Whatever its purpose, you’ll want your event to be remembered and talked about for the right reasons, so here are five top tips for success.

1. Target your event
Have a clear idea of your target audience. Only once you’ve defined your audience, are you able to make the best decisions about your event, its theme, format and location. This will help you focus on the specific goals your event should achieve. Your printed marketing, like leaflets, banners and roll-up stands should be designed to be consistent with your theme and to appeal to your target audience.

2. Invite your guests in good time
People are busy, so don’t expect them to turn up to an event with just a few days’ notice. Whether your invites are printed postcards, e-cards or on other printed marketing, make sure you give your guests time to plan. When designing and printing your invites, make sure they’re professional, well printed and fit with the feel of your event. Have a look at to see great examples of some of the cards and invites we supply to our customers for all sorts of events and occasions.

3. Plan, plan, plan
Make sure every detail is well planned and ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality. Make a list of everything surrounding your event. Content, lighting, food, drink; even car parking need to be considered. Make a list, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises on the day of the event and create an action plan to make sure you’ve everything covered. Set your objectives, attendance and sales targets. Organise press or media coverage in good time. Also consider risk management so that you’re prepared to act if something goes wrong.

4. Decide on your budget
As well as the obvious costs such as venue hire, catering and speakers’ fees, remember the added expenses surrounding your event. Pre-event promotional material and advertising, on-the-day display stands and leaflets should be included when working out your budget. let you cost all your print online, so you always know exactly where you stand. Check too if the venue charge extra for wifi access or multi-media equipment. Always ensure you have a full breakdown of all your costs before you go ahead with your event.

5. Think about your promotion and marketing
If your event is to be successful, it needs to be well attended by the right people, so make sure your marketing reaches them. Online marketing campaigns can be very effective when used alongside your printed material. If using your web and social media pages in the run-up to your event, make sure they have the same message and feel as your invites, postcards and printed advertising. Of course, make sure that you have enough promotional material on the day and that everything at your event is well branded, consistent, professional and on message. It’s your event, so make your presence felt with well-designed event stands and banners that get your brand noticed. And never, ever run out of those business cards! have over 25 years’ experience in printing leaflets, postcards and marketing for our customers. We also supply a great range of large format print and outdoor advertising, so have a look at our website or contact our team today. We’d love to help you bring your corporate party to life.

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