Create memorable celebration cards

Create memorable celebration cards
Celebration Cards

Celebration cards are a one-way ticket to the hearts of your friends and family. There’s no better feeling than watching faces erupt with joy after having been handed a personalised card that celebrates their special occasion. But to achieve this sort of reaction, you need a specialised design guideline. In this post, shows you how to create memorable celebration cards for those that are closest to you.

What are celebration cards?

As the name implies, celebration cards are used to celebrate a host of special occasions. At, for example, we offer birthday cards, thank-you cards, Christmas cards, happy mother’s day cards and more. But because of their ubiquity, many celebration cards nowadays fail to strike an emotional response from their recipients. To create celebration cards that leave a lasting impression, follow the simple guidelines below.

Use colour to your advantage

Think of the best celebration card you have ever received; we bet that it wasn’t pale, dull and boring. Why? Because the use of bold colour palettes is the first step to leaving a lasting impression. On your celebration cards, you should choose a colour palette that is in keeping with the personality and interests of your recipient. But remember: less is more. Coughing up a rainbow of colours will look amateur, confused, and detract from the overall appeal.

Include copy that resonates

You know your recipient better than anyone. You know what they like; what they don’t like; and how they communicate with others. With this mind, what use would it be to write in such a way that is completely foreign to the relationship that you share with them? Celebration card copy is your chance to add a personal touch. Add details about that time that only the two of you remember; include that running joke that only you two understand — but please, don’t just say ‘Happy birthday’.

Don’t skimp out on quality

What is celebratory about a flimsy, shabby and poorly designed celebration card? The answer: nothing! When creating a celebration card for a loved one, it’s imperative that you keep quality in mind. And at, we let you do just that. Choose from our range of luxury papers and lamination options to elevate your celebration cards to a new level. If that doesn’t say ‘I love you’, we don’t know what will!

Celebration cards at

To print celebration cards, we utilise industry-leading HP Indigo Digital Presses. They’re famed for their bold colours, high-resolution imagery and crystal clear text. When you buy online today at, you can get free delivery to any UK location on orders over £75*. Don’t miss out!

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