How to Create Premium Wedding Invitations

How to Create Premium Wedding Invitations

wedding invites, pretty wedding invites, wedding invitations, best wedding invitesWe’ve all been sent them, but when it comes to sending out your own premium wedding invitations for your big day, things can get a little scary. After all, you want to make a good impression, right? Well, in this post, will help you do just that. We’ve listed our top tips for creating premium wedding invitations.

How to create premium wedding invitations

   1. Commit to a design aesthetic

When creating premium wedding invitations, it’s important that you stick to a design aesthetic. By this, we mean that your invitations should be designed in such a way that is consistent with the overall theme of your event. This will involve the use of specific visuals, colour schemes and typefaces that will give your guests the best insight into what to expect when your big day comes around. For example, for more formal affairs, the use of muted colours and beautiful calligraphy would work best. For more lighthearted weddings, such as a beach-themed event, the use of vibrant colours and bold typefacing would do just the trick.

   2. Include all essential information

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples forget to include key information such as the wedding location, date, time and so on. In addition to the essentials, it’s customary to fill your guests in on the dress code, transport details and accommodation information. Also – remember to ask about any dietary requirements so you can advise your caterer before your wedding day.

   3. Clearly specify who’s invited

After having sent out their wedding invitations, a perennial headache for couples is the influx of guests asking whether or not they can bring their aunties, uncles, partners, dogs or whatever. In order to avoid this stressful situation, we recommend being extremely specific about who’s invited. For example, you could say ‘Jack and Jill + children’ ‘Steve +1’ – you get the idea; leave no room for negotiation.

   4. Double (or triple) check everything

Before sending your premium wedding invitations for print, it’s imperative that you check things over until you are completely, 100% satisfied. Any minor spelling mistakes or incorrect couplings could become disastrous once they are printed onto hundreds of invitations, so make sure that they are free from error before you give the go-ahead.

   5. Order extra

No one wants the added expense of reprinting wedding invitations. Therefore, we recommend ordering enough invitations for your guest list, plus an extra 25. If you suddenly realise that some of your relatives have moved address or changed name since you last saw them all those years ago, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you have some invitations left over.

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