How to create the ultimate stationery folder

How to create the ultimate stationery folder

stationery folderAt the end of the day, a stationery folder is just a folded piece of paper to house your marketing materials… right? Wrong! A high-quality stationery folder is a lot more important than you might think. When designed in an effective way, a stationery folder could be what sets your business apart to customers and clients. Therefore, in this post, highlights our top 5 tips on how to create the ultimate stationery folder.

What is a stationery folder?

In essence, the main purpose of a stationery folder is to house your important business marketing materials, such as presentation notes, special offer leaflets and so much more. As they are an extension of your business, stationery folders can have a significant impact on your brand reputation. The quality of your stationery folder will reflect the core values of your business, so it’s important to get the design right!

What card stock should you use? 

In terms of digital printing, as the old saying goes: the thicker, the better. Handing your customers and clients a flimsy and thin stationery folder is a surefire way to render them disinterested in your brand. At, we offer stationery folders at up to 350gsm for a high-quality and durable finish.

What images should you use?

Pay attention, because this important. The quality of images included on your stationery folder will have a significant bearing on the final product. Low-quality, grainy images not only look unprofessional, they actually detract from your customers’ and clients’ estimation of your brand. Use only sharp, high-resolution imagery on stationery folders to ensure the perfect end product is achieved.

Does my stationery folder need to be laminated?

Although it may not be mandatory, at, we highly recommend adding either matt or gloss lamination to your printed stationery folders. Why? That’s easy: it adds to their overall professionalism and durability, meaning that they are more capable of fending off damage from wear and tear. For a subtle and contemporary effect, go for matt lamination. For a higher shine and stand-out finish, choose gloss lamination.

Should I include business card slots in my stationery folder?

By including a handy business card slot in your stationery folder, you’ll increase the likelihood of leads. This is due to the fact that at the end of the meeting or presentation, you will have pre-supplied your audience with your business’ essential contact information for when and if they wish to proceed.

Stationery folder printing at

At, we use only top of the range HP Indigo Digital Presses for stationery folder printing. This ensures bold colours, high-resolution imagery, clear text and amazing aesthetics overall. Visit today to create custom stationery folders that perfectly suit your business requirements

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