Creating the perfect impression at an exhibition

Creating the perfect impression at an exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are often a great way to meet new customers and create new business opportunities. They also happen to be extremely competitive and it can be challenging for many businesses to stand out from the competition at such trade events. So the big question is, how do you stand out and make the right impression at a trade show, conference or exhibition? Below we look at four things you need to start doing.

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How to make a good impression at a trade exhibition

1. Your stand must stand out

The most important thing to making the right impression at any trade show or exhibition is to have a stand that really catches the eye. This doesn’t mean your exhibition stand needs to be a bright, vibrant colour that can’t be missed, but rather it should grab the attention of visitors as they walk past it.

This can be achieved in many ways including a simple yet catchy message, how you fill your shell space and how you layout your stand. Colour will be important but it needs to work with your brand colours and also tie into the main message you want customers to take away from your stand. Do you want visitors to remember that nice bright pink stand that they walked past or would you rather they remember the one with the message that they couldn’t miss, and the friendly team that answered every question? I think we both know the answer here!

2. Ensure you have something to give visitors

Brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters and even business cards can all have an important part to play at exhibitions. The exhibition floor at a trade show, conference or exhibition can be an extremely busy place with some shows attracting tens of thousands of visitors on any given day. You are unlikely to get talking to everyone so it’s important that you have something to give visitors so that they can take it with them to read at their own leisure. The ability to put something into their pocket or bag has made leaflets and flyers a really popular marketing tool for trade shows.

3. Knowledgeable staff

Another big thing to remember when you are exhibiting anywhere is to ensure you have the best people in place to talk about your offering. This is a chance for you to sell your product or services, so it is important that your exhibition team is knowledgeable and confident. They must be able to discuss every aspect of your offering and also be able to answer any questions that visitors may have. Trade shows and exhibitions are all about getting new business and attracting new customers, so it is important that you send your best ‘sales’ team so they can leave a lasting impression.

4. Location is everything

Whenever it comes to deciding on taking a stand or space at an exhibition or trade show, the earlier you can confirm your booking, the better. This is because the earlier you book, the better your location will likely be. You will want to try and get a location that is near the main isle or somewhere near the entrance to position you near the majority of the footfall at the show. The more eyes that can see your stand and offering, the better your chance of getting business from the show.

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