Creative Leaflets – Things to Remember

Creative Leaflets – Things to Remember

Being creative doesn’t come easy to everyone. In fact, few people really get it right when it comes to leaflets. The danger is either becoming too creative and creating a leaflet that becomes messy and difficult to understand, or going the other way which would involve being boring and dull.

So what can you do to ensure you get it right? The following suggestions will help you find a happy medium and help you create a creative leaflet that puts your business in the right hands at the right time.

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 1. Correct Branding

Do you have brand guidelines? If not, it’s time to speak to a designer and get a definite brand structure. This allows people (both inside and outside your business) to identify with your business ideology. If you have a definite guideline to your brand but haven’t updated it in a while, take another look at it and ensure your brand reflects your business as it is today. Brand guidelines allow you to define the parameters of how far you can take your marketing material creatively. A good leaflet will reflect your brand and display the personality of your company, but all this requires the attention of a brand strategy.

2. Photography and illustrative material

It’s important to invest in some photography and illustrative material to successfully demonstrate your product or service.  If your product is not tangible or visually exciting then it’s a good idea to show your product or service being used by a customer. Your leaflet should be used to reflect a reality – a reality that has been professionally created.

3. Your offering

When you create the content to describe what you do, don’t just list all the features you offer, try and look at it from a customer’s point of view. You can do this by offering reviews from real customers – this gives your potential customer an insight to your business. It also means you avoid the monotony of bullet points.

4. Contacting you

These days it’s not enough to simply give your customers a telephone number or email address. Your call to action needs to be stronger than that. Provide a QR code to create real engagement and provide details of your social media channels to create an instant way of connecting.

5. Be professional

If you don’t have the in house talent to design a creative leaflet, seek professional advice elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you have exclude yourself from the design process, it just means you’ll be getting a helpful hand. You only get one chance to make a first impression so be sure you deliver your message in a creative and professional manner.

If you already have a leaflet design and have been using it for some time, it’s time to think about updating. Marketing material needs to be constantly refreshed in order to stay relevant.

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